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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Word..

Saw this over at Life, Love, Sex & All That Jazz and decided since i don't have anything else to do while sitting at this boring ass job might has well do this ...here it goes...

Hair- short, straight and easy to manage
Your Mother- short,protective,strong minded and dedicated
Your Father- tall, short attention span, funny, strong, driven and respected
Fave Food- pears {Type} Mexican
Dream Last Night- having a love affair with Olubowale...lol..
Fave Drink- raspberry simply lemonade
What Room Are You In- At work sitting at my desk
Hobby- blogging, reading, scrap booking
Fear- failure and death of my family members
Where Were you Last Night- Home in my bed watching TV
Something That You Aren't- Easy, Quiet, a follower
Muffins- blueberry
Wish List Item- To talk To Roshon again
Where You Grown up- Greig St. Great Aunt and Grandma's house
What Are You Wearing- Grey Slacks, black cami and sweater, and grey shoes
Your Pet- Ducky my sandfish skink..I love that guy
Friends- a got a couple..they cool
Something You Are Not Wearing- *cover eyes* Underwear..lol..i rarely wear them
Fave Store- Target
Fave Color- Black
Your Best Friend(s)- Latisha Lavett
Best Place You Go Over And Over- National Harbor..come to DC and I'll make u a believer
Person Who emails You Regularly- My Philly Pooh
Fave Place To Eat-La Tasca

I'm sure you are suppose to tag some people but i shall not..Do it if you like if not then ok.

1 comment:

RoByn LaTice said...

lol @ the what are you nt wearing! That was going to be my answer...but I just had to find something else. lol