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Thursday, March 18, 2010


This convo first sparked up a couple of days ago while riding with one of my friends...She turned and looked at me and said "DO YOU KNOW YOUR STATUS?" I thought i heard her wrong so I asked her to repeat herself.."SUNSHINE, DO YOU KNOW YOUR STATUS?" I hesitated a little when answering her not because I have never been tested ..because I do every 6 months its was because I have never shared the info with any of my friends...Don't know why i just haven't. We rode in the car for 45 minutes talking about the African American community and how we tend to shed away from that talk when HIV/AIDS is lead killer in our community...Sad right?!?..Blacks also don't live as long as other ethnic groups with AIDS.

Aids awareness was never talked about to me as a child my mother and father never took the time out to educate me on the disease and what i need to do to prevent it.,My Parents seemed to shun about the AIDS topic.....all that i know is what i learned from research and school. Right now present day HIV/AIDS rates are sky rocketing and we need to educate the youth about prevention..not only them but the baby boomers too some of them are not educated in it as they need to be.

Talking further with my friend as we rode out to the mall we decided that we need to something to help the fight against AIDS and the Walk for Aids is what we have signed up for. Year after year I say I'm going to join and never do but in 2010 i decided to make some changes in me and this is one of the things I changed ....Stop talking about it and be about it. Being about this walk and Aids awareness is what I shall be about far after the walks takes place. AIDS isn't talked about often among us but need to be..We need to not only educated ourselves about this disease but others around us and aseptically the children who will grow up in a world were AIDS will be a common thing and that's not something we want for them...We don't want this disease to be as common as a cold we need to help prevent so this matter never happens.

If anyone who lives in the Washington DC area who wants to join me and friends in the race against AIDS feel free to hit me by email or if you would like to donate to my teams $1000 goal email me .. sunshinesatr110@gmail.com so i can give u all the info you need.

I apologize for this blog for being all over the place but I'm trying to do too many things at once....please forgive me!!!

and Last the question I pose on to you guys like it was pose to me on twitter today......

At what age do you feel its appropriate to discuss STD's and HIV/AIDS to your children?


Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i think once you're kids can understand. there are a lot of "hard" things to talk to kids about. but kids pick things up so well and actually the younger they are the more willing they are to listen and learn things.

since i have a child these things do come to mind and do i wonder when is the right time to talk to him. what am i gonna do when he ask me this or that. i think if you're involved with your kids, and know them..you can get a sense for when they are ready to handle that kind of information and used it responsibly. don't want your kid being the one in school telling all the kids the wrong information and having them go home and ask, "what is HIC?, this kid in my class said be careful not to cut my hand i might get HIC".