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Friday, March 19, 2010

I Love Him

My love affair with him started at a very young age long before i was boarding a yellow school bus to encounter the world of public school. I would sit for hours and just watch him..from the playground to the TV set he always had my attention. He use to speak volumes to me. Some of my love for him was inherited by the fact that he loved my brother and my brother loved him back and the rest was all me. I self taught myself some of the things i knew about him and the rest was passed on to me. Growing up I was the child who got picked on by the others kids so he was were i ran to to get away. The boys loved me because of him and the girls hated me because they just didn't understand him.

I have passed on dates and stood up friends just to watch him do his things. Left work early and skipped school each and every March just to see him at his best. ..Pure with no signing bonus and all star games. He is Basketball and He holds my heart.

Ever since I can remember Basketball has been the love of my life..I'm excited when the season begins and I fall sad when it ends. I watch it all from Street ball in the summer because the season is over for the NBA to College ball which I would have to say I enjoy the most. ..March is my favorite month because the the madness of college basketball takes over. I love the reaction I get from males when i drop a lil bit of basketball knowledge on them or reveal my favorite team and its not because such and such is hot! and they are even more shocked to find out that I don't like girls...lol..I got that the other day. Please don't mistake my knowledge of basketball for me being gay because i'm far from that. Girls can know basketball too and be straight at the same time. I watch football, golf, track and Soccer but none of them hold my attention like the good ole hardwood does..especially college basketball!!! There drive and intensity keeps me coming back for more. They want the win so bad it hurts which keep me on the edge of my seat untike NBA ball that I do love but they don't care about a win or loss they still get paid and endorsement deals will keep them happy. When A team loses in college ball its back to the normal life of being a college student with no bonus or cameras flashing... back to being normal and back to school for them

My Brother introduced me to basketball when he was using it as his way to escape the outside world. He would play for hours and watch it just as long. He tried to show me and my older sister what the game was about but she was just to girly for that so it was I he brought to the court with him and taught me the basics. As the years went on it was my uncle who gave me more and I who just sat back in front of the TV and figured out the rest. Those years have really left an mark on my heart it got me in good with the boys while all the others girls were trying to figure out how to be down..lol..smh... I feel in love with the game not the men who run up and down the court..but them being cute and tall doesn't hurt at all....Hey what can I say Love men too!!!

My heart is sort of rubbery, orange with black lines...My heart will always belong to basketball!


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i'm with you on that. they used to call me micheal jordan's son, cause i would watch his moves and practice for hours imitating that shit.

it was crazy cause i've always been short. more noticeable as everyone started growing and i kinda stopped before i started. but i used to kill the dudes at basketball. was just my sport.

unfortunately ever since Jordan retired i have not been able to get into basketball like i used to. still watch the games, but i have no "players" i consider supermen. it's always gonna be Micheal Jordan, Reggie Miller, Isaiah Thomas, Dominique Wilkins, & Spud Webb (for obvious reasons, lol)

Lipglass and Handbags said...

This is my favorite post from you so far!!! I LOVE basketball!!! I'm 5'9" and growing up I was always the tallest in my classes. My dad always tried to get me to play but although I did get the fundamentals and love the game, I wasn't interested in playing.

I was the only child for 8yrs, Daddy's little girl and I'd always watch my dad and his boys play, go to games, and now my brother plays. Its in me, the passion. I remember Grandmama, THe bullets, JOrdan, A.I being at Georgetown, Sixers being in the finals in 2001. As you can see i'm an A.I fan BUT i love the game!!