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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Adventures OF Jail Bird

When The word "yes" left my mouth I knew at that moment that I would regret it, I was trying to be nice..which doesn't happen often and this is perfect example of way.

Jail Bird gets to sending me emails which are just like his conversation on the phone and letters Dry...just dry as hell!! He doesn't know how to write a basic letter at all. Granted I do understand homeboy is locked down and aint got to much to say but if you gonna take the time out to email me it should say more than Hey, *inserts Government name here" and goodnight, Dude I just don't have time to entertain this shit every other day. About 6 emails into it with him saying nothing I put together a short an sweet email:

I hope all is well with you but these one word emails have to stop ASAP. Emails are just an virtual letters you should think of it as that so we can have an conversation instead of me writing back these one word answers.


Now I thought i was doing good thing expressing to his non writing ass how to keep an email going but I learned that all i did was open a flood gate of bullshit because he got in his feeling real quick..sorry?

I see you are still the same shelfish(i'm sure he meant selfish hmmm but ok) chick you were when i was free in these streets. All you do is make everythang about you and wat u want. I took good care of you when i was in those street everythang(why must you spell like this) you wanted i provided u wit(ok so homeboy aint do shit for me that i couldn't have done for myself) And now you act as if you better than me and shit so FUCK YOU.

lmaooooo...that fool is crazy! At first I wasn't going to entertain him anymore but what can i say I'm an asshole.

Ok, You are so right I'm all about me and Thats why I'm thinking about me and shutting down this whole emial communication between the two of us. You are getting out hand I don't want to be apart of your little game anymore. I hope life treats you well and you are in my prayers.

After I pressed the send button I thought I had heard the last of him but I was mistaken because Ole Jail Bird Ass came back in full effect on my ass...lol..

You kno wat i hope life bring you nothing but hell and ill will. I'm trying to be nice and email you so you can know whats up wit me and shit. But I guess the saying out of sight out mind is true. I thought we was better than that but i guess i was wrong. When we was together I loved you guirl and now you act like you don't know me. I can't wait to get home(let me inform yall which will be 21 years from now) to make you r life hell like you have made mine. You ain't nothin but a cold hearted bitch. I guess u can be all abotu ur man J.W. now.

CTFU...now Not once did i let any of his email bother me or get me upset for the most part they're entertaining. I like how they went from pleasant email to totally out of control. I was going to respond to this but of course Epitome talking me out of taking the low route and keep going on wit his dumb ass. So i ended it there but of course like the simple dude he is boo sent me more and more emails. the most recent one today. *cue sad love song*

We sometimes go so long without touching base with each other I guess we are both busy with our day to day lives. But still i want you to know how i often i think about you. and i how i enjoy the times we do talk. You will always be very important to me and i'll always be grateful that you are the other half of me :-]

*pause* before yall get to the ohh and ahh's and shit let me just tell you that this fool is crazy definitely has some type of mental issue or something because his ass was just calling me all types of bitches and hoes and hoping i rot in hell and now I'm the wind beneath his wings and shit. and your other half shit....boy, you are married and its not to me so being ur other half is for the birds and before ya'll say maybe he saw the light and realized that his ways were wrong...the fool copy and pasted this from another email..smh.. he forgot to delete all the evidence of his doings...like the time stamp and dotted lines that seperated the email from the previous one that was sent to him. I wonder if that was a email his wife sent to him *kanye shrug*

lmaooooooooooooo...foolishness with his ass end!


Enigma Jones said...

Ha! "You're the same shelfish chick!" lmao

There are waaaaaayyyyyy too many dummies roaming around unattended. smh

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Oh GOSH I'm over here *dead and gone* cracking the hell up! He is bipolar as fcuk!

JStar said...

LMAO...My ex husband doesnt get out until Jan 20, 2024...I am soooooo glad he cant send emails...That man is OBSESSED with me...I will be relocating to somewhere he cant find me when he gets out LMAO....But I do write him every once in awhile now and may go visit oneday with his mom...The funny thing is that he REALLY expected me to wait 17 YEARS for him LMAO...Yea right..>We were seperated when he got locked up

khaki said...

you ole oyster, crab, lobster, crawfish bitch!

why does he even have email access in jail? What?!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

lmao @ him copy & pasted the last one from someone else's email.

that's crazy. i hate folks that do that. when they don't get that reaction they were seeking they come back on some nice shit. one of my ex's hits me up random with a "i'm dying...i wanna make peace with you" text, voicemail, email..all the time. i'm thinking. ok, when are you gonna die already? and i know you just wanna cuss me out but you're pissed i won't engage you.