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Monday, March 1, 2010

Glamorous or Awareness?

I tune in religiously to Mtv to catch 16 and pregnant, if you haven't seen the show each episode is about a different teenage girl and her trails and tribulations being a teenager and pregnant. the show taps into there family lives, personal lives and life before and after they give birth. I'm long passed my teenage years but this show sparks interest so i can't help but watch it. Maybe its because I remember my teenage years like it was yesterday and i can't even imagine being any of these young girls situations and now even as an adult pregnancy still scares the hell out of me.

I recently read an article by an women who thought MTV and the show was making teen pregnancy look "glamorous and fun for young girls and can influence them to run out and put themselves in the same situation. She went on to say that show was not real enough and teens are confused by it...**blank stare** When I first heard about this show i thought the same thing last year...I thought why in the hell would MTV want to exploit teenage pregnancy like that...i also thought it was going to be pure trash like most of the reality shows that they air but when i finally tuned into the first episode my thoughts on the show changed 110%. I watch teen girl after teen girl learn that being a teen and having a baby is one of the toughest situations ever. I watched them laugh, cry and worry about there futures like they certainly needed too! Some had boyfriends who grew up and some had ones who didn't see how real the situation was and i even sat in my bed and cried with one of them as she made the toughest decision of her life and give her baby up for adoption. Not once have i ever felt like this series would send teen pregnancy in a uproar and ever young girl would want to be like them. I hope after seeing what these young girls have to go through they would want no parts of it...Shiiiii some of these girls scarred me straight about having baby. I can understand how someone can mistake this show for being something its not just by reading the title but i think teenage girls learn so much better by seeing it for themselves.

16 and pregnant gives young girls a better view into what having a baby details. Its different seeing people your age going through it then seeing your friends have babies. I had plenty of my friends become pregnant while we were still in High school but I never thought twice about there day to day drama I just pushed it out of mind..out of sight out of mind and that exactly how it was. i never had baby while in high school but this showed opened my eyes on how hard it really is and was for girls having babies so young. it much different watching someone you don't know go through it than someone you do know.

Glamorous? smh.. I don't think so

Informative?..yes I think every women young or old should tune in and catch a glimpse into the life of a teen mother.


JStar said...

I TOTALLY agree with you! I got pregnant at 16 and had Tanaesha at 17. We moved around as a kid, so I was 2 years behind (In my 10th grade year) THANK GOD FOR MY MOM!!!! She helped raise my daughter while I finished school and worked at the same time...I missed her first everythings...It was the hardest thing I ever done in my life, then I had my youngest daughter Erika 3 years later...That was very hard raising 2 little ones at 20. I wouldnt suggest it for anyone. I had to grow up very fast and missed out on sooooo much...But I dont regret it because its over and done with now lol...If I woulda waited, I woulda been more stable and be in a better place career wise and financially right now...but my girls are now almost 17 and 14...Counting down til 18 lol...

Krissy said...

It's doesn't make it look like its easy to raise kids as teenagers. I do however think the parents need to step back a bit and let their kids do the raising since they layed down and had the kids to begin with. The brunt of the burden should not fall on the parents of the teens. I think that parents need to be honest and honest about sex. Make sure its not the elephant in the room that no one is talking about. I think if it were an open discussion between kids and parents there would be less sneaking around and less pregnancy. You can't stop them from having sex but you can teach them to protect themselves if they choose to have sex. I think that's what the show is missing. I would like to hear from the parents more on what they taught their kids about sex in general and safe sex.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i watched this for the first time last night with my girlfriend on the phone. it was def not glamorous. i think with anything on tv, it gives a "easier" view of reality. like i've heard (cause my chick watches it religiously, like you)that some of the girls are brats & jerks to their parents.

but the one i saw last night was a chick who was adopted herself. her boyfriend was an asshole loser. and her parents we're really trying to show her she wasn't ready to have a child. so she gives him away for adoption. it was really sad. but i think because it's tv they kinda tried to show her being happy about her decision like everything worked out in the end.

the reality starts when the camera stops rolling and the chick is plagued with her decision for months, years, maybe even her whole life. teenage girls don't really know the reality of life and see this stuff and although it should scare the hell out of them, some of them miss the point. they miss that this was a hard decision and shit isn't as easy as giving up the baby. it isn't as easy as saying, "well i guess i just gotta raise this baby". they need to recap the show and show these girls a year later. so you can see what it really does & the tole it takes on your life. i was 29 when my son was born...and it was hard. and i had a wife & am financially stable. i can't imagine what it's like for a 16 y/o with a deadbeat boyfriend. geez..