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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mis Pensamientos Arbitrarios

He doesn't like me...Good because I don't like him either....so tell him I'm glad we have an understanding

I've come to the conclusion I'm tired of being nice to people i really don't like so from this day forward i shall not. The fake smile and laughs have stopped and if I distant myself from you its prolly because I don't like you or the people around you. Its not you its me!!

I need a vacation asap!!!! somewhere sunny, hot and by the beach would be great!

Blood runs thicker than water. Sometimes i feel like the world forgets that but i never have or never will.

Tell her the same thing you keep preaching to me and see what happens....nothing i bet>>I'm tired of always being super save a hoe and smoothing things over. Have her pull her wait some times.. I'm always the bigger person well this time not so much I'm over it. You she is right i do change and I will continue to change that's what growing up does.

He broke my heart..yes..but i can't imagine life without him in it in some form. We laugh, talk and love each other but my heart is scared so me thinking that him and I would be one is no longer in the cards...my eyes and heart view him so much differently now.

These ole Pastor Troy beards that dude are rocking now have to go!! he ain't cute with it and u ain't either...

I'm over this whole Nicki Minaj Craze thing that is going on. I kinda do like her you just have to catch her on a good day and she rapping like she got good sense but i will not be running around dying my hair pink, wearing 3 bras and letting her sign my boobs..we are just doing to much ladies.

I hate people who RT everything they see on Twitter!! Why are u doing this? I don't care if @lolobabyboo89 is going to see some NBA's players party and is VIP! i ain't so i don't care.

It is never acceptable for men to wear Ugg boots! I don't care how good they feel on your feet as a man they should never be on yours.

Is it Spring yet?


khaki said...

Whats wrong with my pastor troy beard? You dont think its looks good on me?

JStar said...


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

lol @ you're random burst of hate in this post.

take a Jesus pill, and call on him in the morning.

sunshinestar110 said...

@tha unpretentious U must have that pastor Troy beard and feel some type of way about it!! lol..or is the ugg boots? lmaoooooooooooo