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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

*somebody cue Usher's ass*

all that I wanna hear
Is you say Daddy’s home, home for me
And I know you’ve been waiting for this love in your day
You know your daddy’s home,and it’s time to play
So you ain’t got to give my loving away
So all my ladies say hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy
So all my ladies say hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy

Now Usher whose daddy are you talking about?!? Because the last time I checked my father wasn't from Atlanta, divorcing Tamika or getting disowned by his mother! The man I know as my Daddy is alot of things and You he is not! So why am I calling you Daddy again?

Every time I hear that Daddy's Home song something with it just doesn't sit well with me at all. I love the melody, beat and all that good stuff and its make me dance every time i hear it but calling you Daddy...hmmmmmm...not so much. The only man entitled to that label is the man who shot me into my mother uterus and he shall be the only man who bares the honor of being called Daddy by me. Sexy as it might seem for other to call the main man in their lives Daddy it certainly doesn't nothing for Miss Sunshine at all.

Every time I catch a porno(don't judge me) , some pimping shiiii, or just plain ole TV i wonder why in the hell do these heffas keep calling this man daddy? I personally find no joy in calling any man out of my father daddy at all matter of fact like kind of grosses me out especially if u request this whole "daddy" thing in the middle of sex....ewwwwwwwwwwww......It makes me think of my own father and last thing i want is images of him popping up while I'm trynna get dick'd down that might destroy my whole life. I guess the daddy thing is a turn on for some people but I am highly puzzled how that would be at all. Think of all the responsibility that comes with being anyone's daddy...like does his dick get hard thinking about taking care of you for the next 18 yrs and maybe even child support!! Can't be.. or maybe its an ego booster...Does it make them powerful and needed...Do men request to be called daddy or do females just feel its word of encouragement of endearment?


Anonymous said...

yea im not with that daddy shit either. I was just telling someone that last night. I'm good. I have one daddy and it would be incest if he and I were getting it in. YUCK!

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I TOTALLY agree!! I'd prefer not to have images of my father while I'm trying to get my ass tore down! #nobueno That will ruin that ish for me.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i mean...i see where yall coming from. and i think excessive "daddy" like you're "my daddy" is creepy. like that song "i looking for daddy" that's too much. i think it said in a "come here daddy" kinda way is the way usher is referring to it. like "you're the man of the house.." type way. yanno how some women call their husband, "father" or "dad" because that's how the kids refer to him. and just saying..it in a more suggestive way to him then you would when referring to the kids. if that make any kind of sense? that's the feeling. not too much getting off on being you're daddy. that's is kinda sick.

and i see you with all that porn. smh