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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When I posted my email address on here i didn't think anyone would ever email me and if i did i thought it would be one of my friends playing around so this morning when my phones alerted me to an new email I was socked to see it was from some mysterious person who read my blog...

I'm abbot reader of your blog and overall I love it! Especially your afternoon delights that brighten up my mid afternoon days but your most recent blog you have posted I just couldn’t understand the why of it.

You never mention the person you are thinking about but from what you say in the content of it I assume you are talking about your ex “Dog”…I remember a blog about him the past and the abusive relationship you to had so it upset me to see that you still think of him…Why would you ever want him to cross your mind or you on his at any moment. I have never myself been in your situation but I don’t think I would have any type of feeling for him at all. I would rather see him suffer than to wonder if he’s thinking of me…or if things would be different if he didn’t do this or he didn’t do that.

I think sometimes as women we fall so in love with love that we for get what love really is how it hurt us in more than one way. I fell like you are so blinded by your forgiveness for him that you aren’t looking at the whole picture. I know the saying says that u must forgive to more on and have peace but him crossing your mind can’t be bring peace to your heart at all. I once thought you were the kind of person that I surround myself with you truly reminded me of my friends but after your last post I see now that I was wrong…You come across as so strong minded and powerful but I guess that was all a front for the audience after that do you think f my blog I can’t relate to you at all

Miss BrownSugaBaby

At first i wasn't going to respond to this email but after sitting on it for a couple of hours i decided i have some thing that needs to be said about this whole "Dog" situation at hand not only for Miss BrownSugababy but for other who might feel this way about my thoughts or anything else involving him. I respect everyone opinion of the whole situation with him but until you have stood in my shoes and walked a mile in them you will never really understand my thought at all. Those years i was on and off with him was the longest years of my life and i don't and shall never relive them ever in life but i have since moved on from them, of course they are craved in my brain forever but i can't let the past enter into my present..my right now. I went through the i hate myself for letting this happen, i hate him for putting me through it and the sad phase but i came a point in my life I decided to forgive him or be angry forever. So i forgave him in more than one way it brought peace to me and i am now able to move on in my life and not be worry about the next relationship i have turning into that one. We had good time it may not have been many of them but we shared them....we shared bad ones and i had love for him then and i still have luv for him now...Not the kind of love that would lead me back to him....just love Even though what happened..happened he still was there for me in some of the rough moments in my life he wasn't a monster everyday of the week. I'm sure u can get that impression from any of the things i have written about him, i never share anything else about him but that's besides the point...I think of him because he left an impression on my heart and my mind..I deal with getting over things and accepting things different from the next person and u are entitled to feel any type of way about my feeling for him but this how i feel and u can either take it or leave it alone..


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Hun-T-Chile....*as I crunch on my popcorn from earlier*...this is YOUR blog which contains YOUR thoughts. It's YOUR space to express whatever the hell you feel about any situation at any given time. Anyone who happens to stumble across it needs to respect that. So I say to the sender of that message: Opinions are just that: OPINIONS. SO WHAT if she thinks about her ex? Who the hell doesn't at times?! We are human. We are emotional. We are forgiving. We are compassionate and caring. Yes, those things are called feelings! In order to reflect the God in us, we need to continue to love others even when they don't love us! My absolute favorite verse that I live by is Matthew 5:44~"But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you." No matter what anyone has done to you, you still have to love your neighbor as you love yourself even after you've moved on from it! You can't harbor hatred in your heart. She's been through hell and high water but she survived to tell her story....get it? HER story. HER words. Take it or leave it. You can always click that "X". No hard feelings.

Anonymous said...

I get where the commenter was coming from as I'm sure you do as well because you addressed it. You've only discussed the bad times with your ex so of course that's all anyone reading would know. I didn't have an opinion on the matter which is why I didn't comment on that particular post but I would think as well, why would someone when entertain the thought of someone who treated them so poorly? But it's true. Its your blog and your place to vent but it's like in any relationship, if you tell people only the bad stuff that's all they'll ever know and won't think anything other than bad things go/went down.

But I am glad u added some extra incite. There were GOOD and BAD times, not all bad. And in that instance I sure one can see why maybe the good times may cross your mind every now and again.

Anonymous said...

That was a backhanded compliment if I ever saw one. Bottomline this is your blog. You should express your feelings, no matter what they are. Every situation is different, the way you feel about a person is the why you feel.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

it is your blog, but again you open yourself up to opinions from the peanut gallery when you have it in a open forum. i don't think the reader was backhanding you with a compliment. i think moreso it was a reader concern. like..ok i peeped your last blog and this is what i think.."be careful..".

i agree you should be able to express yourself on YOUR blog. but like you did take the input you're given too and process it your way. i feel like no one should be judged period. no one should judge you for your relationship decisions. they are yours, you have to live with them. you choose and deal with what you choose to deal with. to each their own. but at least you have an avid reader who is interested and has thoughts about what you write. that's a great compliment in itself.