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Thursday, December 3, 2009

And You Said He's Just A Friend

I recently read a blog by I am tha unpretentious narcissist called "Why Men Don't Like Your Girl-friends" it was an very interesting one because I never thought males paid our friends to much attention and second, because I do at least 4 out of the 5 reasons he named...So ya'll should definitely check that out asap.

Anywhooooo....After reading that blog it made me think I wonder how Men feel about your male friends? hmmm..especially because I have so many Male friends then females. Now some parts of me doesn't really care to much *Kanye shrug* how any of my boyfriends fell about my friends especially male one but a lil side of me was curious. My males friends have always been some type of issue in all of my relationships for as long as I can remember, the friendships i share with some of them can be difficult for some people to handle and I can almost see where they are coming from...just a ll, but i will NEVER admit that to them...sorry? I have ended alot of relationships and friendships because someone didn't like the other and let me tell you I regret ever doing because getting either one of those back is damn near impossible.

Its also rare that I introduce my male friends to my boyfriends, I rather wait it out and let them meet on accident like at the mall or function were they will be attending. i originally always did but i soon realized that everybody isn't as friendly as the next sooooo..i had to end that after some things got out of hand one time but that a whole another blog. I will say some of my boyfriends prolly not liking my male friends is because I would try and down play our relationship to both parties make em not as serious as they really were :-/ sorry? I felt like sometimes that kept everything calm so to speak but the truth would always come out...smh....

So my question is Ladies, Have you had a boyfriend who didn't like your male friends?

Fellas....Why don't males like your males friends?


T-Charry said...

my last REAL relationship, which was HELL on Earth, he didn't like ANY of my guy friends, but then again, he didn't like me around anyone BUT HIM! He was a controlling a**hole, UgH!

But I'm in relationship now, and if we are BOTH secure with our relationship, and I am, so I DO plan on introducing him to my guy friends, I mean that's all that they are is FRIENDS...and I have AWESOME guy friends and I know they will respect our relationship.

JStar said...

I can understand...The men do have reasons to be jealous tho...If you are ready to commit your life to someone it will become an issue...Some of those male friends have alterior motives, but some dont...Or do they?? I dont agree being "just friends" with someone that you have sex with in the past...Thats not fair to the current man...But in that I am not saying to give all your friends up for your man...There has to be understanding...and you have to see it from his side and vice versa...Just consider all avenues and make the best choice for you...

khaki said...

totally never thought about this...