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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Letters To My Exes, PFH, and Future Husband....

I saw this on Mzaunatural Beauty and Tha unpretentious Narcissist blogs and it intrigued me so I decided to do this too!!

Dear Exes,

*sigh* What can I say ,l but FUCK MOST OF YA'LL. I know I'm not perfect but I can say 100% that i gave each and everyone of you my all. I sat back and watched some of you cheat, disrespect and for one of you knock me down on more than one occasion and I still stood by most of ya'll waiting for the best,, hoping that you would see your faults and turn out to be a better man.Some of ya'll rode on my back while I made all the moves, some mistook my kindness for weakness and other just wanted to see if they could break me....but i never let them see me sweat So NO I'm not sorry for the grimy shit i did and said to any of worthless ass dudes. Yes he wasn't just my friend and yes i was lying about being at the club and yes I'm not at my Friends house but instead laid up with some dude...pay back a bitch ain't it! Well now you know I hope it feels good!

To those who don't fall into all that drama..I'm sorry for not giving you what you needed and making you pay for all of those who did me wrong. I know its someone out there who will treat you far better than I and I hope you have found them. I'm sorry for cheating, lying and forgetting about you and just not being what I should have been. I had been hurt to many time and needed for someone to pay...Sorry it was you.

Back to all the rest of you asshole and jerks...I was once angry at what happened between us but now I see that ya'll made me stronger and opened my eyes to alot...if i can't say thank you for anything else i can say thank you for at least that much but I still hate you and if you were on fire I wouldn't piss on you to put you out...sorry? After I think about it nah I ain't sorry at all...on to the next *swizz beats voice*

Dear PFH(Prime F***in Hour) dude,

Awwww....I think Its so cute how you thought we was in some type of relationship! its cute that you made up this whole scenario up in your mind. You probably had the best imagination as a child, But here right now in real life that is far from the truth. Don't call me let me call you!! and if you take time to notice its only between the hours of 12am and 6am with peak time at 3am and the convo is nice and short...Where u at?..what u doing?...I'm on my way. The last time I checked that was not any form of dating for a relationship. To be honest, I'm sure you are a cool and nice dude but I don't care to know...just give me what i came for and keep it the talking and bonding to a minimal. I don't care about your new job, car or how your kids are doing..if i did you would be far more than my PFH dude I would take time out to get to know you far better than the way I know you now. No disrespect but i probably think you are kinda boring that how you got stuck at where u are at now. Let me lead you just follow...

For you who tries and to make me your booty call....hmmm not so much..It was a good run while it lasted but now its over sweetie. So stop calling all times of the night talking non sense, leaving those messages that I just play back for my friends and no i won't come over so we can talk! I ain't fucking with you for a reason maybe if you take a minute and look back on it you will see why. and as Wale would say " You never play with young boys 'cause they never private and they forever outed.....Now you figure it out.

Dear Future Husband,

"Men always want to be a women's first love. Women have more subtle instinct: what they they like to be is a man last romance." -Oscar Wilde.

I'm sorry now for not being an easy person to crack and being difficult to deal with from time to time, All I ask from you is to show me something I ain't never seen before, show me the real you and not what you want me to believe. Impress me please...And that doesn't mean with all the people you know, how much money you make and all of those superficial things...Impress me by matching my mental status rather than matching my lifestyle. I'm to old now to be worried about those things..i want to be worried about in which way my future children will look up to u. Promise to love me for me and never for what you want me to be. Hold my hand when I need it, rub my back when I'm sad understand my tears no matter if they are happy or sad just please try to understand them. See me for the women I am please never try to change me, I want you to love me no matter if I have gained or lost 20 pounds just love me as I am. See me for the tomboy that I can be and the girly girl who jumps out from time to time. Understand that I love the Lakers and Cowboys and probably won't change after we get married. Understand the asshole i can be from time to time and the loving person who makes her way to the front on a day to day period. In all I just you to love me for me and in turn I will love you for you.


Traci Lavette said...

I loved this post! Can't say too much else. I might follow your lead on this one and see what I come up with LOL! I might end up with a f****n book over here!


Traci Lavette said...

Oh...love the new flash banner. It's really cute.

Beyond Danielle said...

perfect I need to print this out and send.

Lipglass and Handbags said...


JStar said...

Girl you had me cracking up...I have a few that I could give those letters too...Love it!

**WhoB3tter** said...

I Likey

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

lol @ fuck most of yall. i'm with you on that shit. i'm also with the love me if i gain 20 pounds..etc.

i feel like ppl need to love you like they're blind. the only thing staying the same on you is your heart. your personality. all the other shit is cute while it's there..but it won't be there forever. you have to look at someone and see their beauty with your eyes closed to be able to still see it when your old as hell peeing on yourself & holding hands with your matching walkers.