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Friday, December 4, 2009

Please Court Me

Recently, on twitter my girl @_LEMONYSNICKET_ posted a tweet saying "Awwww, I want someone to court me! I don't even think men do that anymore..WOMP" and it made me think..hmmmmm... i can't even remember the last time any man courted me.

I can't even recall in the last couple of years...lets say all of my 20's can I even remember any man going the extra mile to get my attention. I will love have a man take the time out and get to know me first before jumping straight at me. Get to know me for who I am like what i like...don't like...wanna do in the future...my upbringing etc... not just assuming he knows me from the surface. Someone who looks at the inner me before he searches the arches the outer me. I want some to take me out on a date far beyond the usually restaurant and movie thing. Someone who doesn't depend on me to make the date options, comes up with new and exciting things on his own. A guy who finds time to spend with me without acting like its his job and more like what he wants to do. I want to be courted like back in the day, when he took the time out to meet my father and discuss me with him. A guy who knows the little things count..like giving me his undivided attention even when he doesn't want to, listening to my rants and raves and acting like he interested just being there when i need him the most. A guy who know what kind flyish to whisper in my ear without taking it to damn far. I want him to think about me randomly and drop me a line or two so i can know it. A guy who sends flowers just because not because he messed up or its some type of Holiday. I want to be comfortable with him when we are alone not feeling like i have to fight him off. I want sex to be the farthest thing on his mine while he courting me and when we do have sex I want it to be special like he put his heart into it. I want to hold hand in public , doors to be opened for me and for chairs to pull out at dinner. I want us to be friends before lovers. I just want to feel like a women should when a man is interested in her. I want to be courted instead of pursued. I wonder if that kind man still existing in a world of technology...I wonder if I can ever get that from any man.

So I wonder when was the last time you were courted? or courted someone?

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khaki said...

hol' up what about the 205? what about the 205?