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Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcoming 2010!

Every year around this time my cousins and I get together our new years resolutions and share them with each other to see how we can help each other or just to listen about how we will improve in the new year. I decided today that I wold share this with you guys before send out my mass email to those heffas and they drop there input i wanna hear other people thoughts so here they go...

  • I think this year i might think bout becoming someone girlfriend *covers eyes* lol..I never thought the day would come when I say I miss that feeling of being with someone but i do...lol....but I'm still a g!
  • I plan to save money for a couple of things i wanna do in 2010.
  1. buy a new car.
  2. Go to Atlantic City for my birthday
  3. Buy myself this Tiffany's necklace since i have no one who will get it for me for Xmas *sigh*

  • I want to lose maybe 15 to 20 pounds before the summer. I'm the heaviest I have ever been in my life and I don't like it at all.
  • I wanna try some new cuisine. From places I usually wouldn't eat. I want to taste the world. So a different restaurant once a month to expand my horizons...Feel free to join me...lol
  • I plan on going back to school sometime in 2010...don't know when or what i want to major in I just know it will happen.
  • I wanna have more time for me. i feel like i spend so much time trying to please other ..friends,family..etc..that i never really have time for me. there are times i pass up shit just to please the people around me not anymore.
  • I shall learn how to swim!!! I hate getting my hair wet but i will sacrifice just for that one thing and once i learn it will never swim again!...lmao.
  • I'm going to call or text my family and friends once a week with "I Love You" so if they haven't heard it at least they would know that i love them...awwww....I'm so sweet!
  • I thought about savaging a friendship i once had but in 2010 i don't think i will. I tried once and i did my share now its in there court if they wanna save whatever we had they know where to find me in 2010 *sigh*.
I think that's it for now at least! I always look at the list and wonder how many of these will i actually follow through with it and which ones will get lost in the struggle *kanye shrug* but who knows maybe I'll stick with all of them.

So what is some of yall's resolutions? Anything that you have been putting off for all of 2009 and now you are ready to deal with it? holla at me with it!


Lipglass and Handbags said...

I like this post!! Will be copying it soon!!!!

Traci Lavette said...

Swimming! Yep! That's a good one because my grown ass doesn't know how to swim either. So messed up because it's a full body workout and I need to get in the spirit of that!

My resolutions...
1. working toward wealth
2. starting grad school
3. gettin my crackberry!!!
4. learning how to make full units! There's money to be made there :-)