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Friday, December 18, 2009

Tears Of Joy....

Those are what my cousin cried into the phone with me as we got to discussing how things were in motion for gay marriage to be legalized in Washington DC. It was something that was just very powerful and moving for the both of us. He cried in the phone saying "Its like they are finally recognizing us as human beings just like the rest of the world." Well if you haven't figured it out yet my cousin is gay...a gay African American man to exact. I have always supported my cousin who i call Peaches through all that he has decided to do. I was the first person he confided in when he wanted someone to know he was gay..which I already knew, i was just waiting for him to feel comfortable and tell. I know how hard it was for him to come out especially being a man and African American our community is so hard on our gay men, that I can understand why most of them never come out. I never not once loved him any differently because he liked boys matter of fact I'm much more protective of him since he came out about 10 years ago. When Peaches told came out to our family i was on the edge of my seat..We have the type of family that is either with u or against u and alot of them decided against the way he choice to live his life. I watched has my cousin's heart broke and his defeat set in. It broke me just as bad as him, so because of that I made sure he would always have me no matter what going on in our lives. From The gay Pride parade to hitting up the gay clubs I have stood by him and been his support or as he would call it his right hand man!!! A couple of years ago he feel in love and wanted to get married but as we all know not many places were allowing that for him...It brought my heart to to tears to see him so distraught over Why the world just couldn't accept him and his love his for his boyfriend. He made it part of his life mission to make gay marriage possible along with gay rights because they are people just like the rest of us. So a couple of days ago when i watched the news and heard that mayor Fenty had signed the bill and now they were waiting on congress a cried not only for my cousin but for every gay American! I didn't talk to Peaches that night because he was on a business trip but last night when he called me we didn't say one word to each other we just cried into the phone...tears of joy is what we cried. I knew this marked a huge milestone in the gay community and I knew how much it meant to him so it meant just as much to me. We cried for a minute and then he said " I cried once for me and the gay community and then i cried for you...I know how much you wanted this for me and it made me thank god for a cousin like you! When all was against me, you reminded me to stand tall and keep my head up high" Okay, so ya'll know that just made the water works to come down even harder than before. The day that my cousin can marry and it be recognised by the world will be one of the greatest days of my life....It will finally mean the gay community has pushed past one more barrier and maybe then people will be so much more accepting and support of them. I anticipate the day that gay marriage will be a just as normal as I getting married....I anticipate the day when the world stop treating them like outcast and treat them as the humans they are, i anticipate the day when our sexual preference will no longer be issue...those days will be the days I cry even more tears of joy.


☆Reese said...

Oh how you made me cry just now! I agree with all that you said. I too have gay friends and family and I see no reason why they should be viewed differently OR not be able to marry.
Great post love! Lemme go grab my Kleenex!

* ! zodiac ! * said...

it's about DAMN time. gay people are the same as a striaght person, we all breathe the same air, bleed the same blood and shit the same shit, so i will never understand why they weren't free to love and make things offical like the rest of us. i think you are the best cousin there is for sticking by his side even though things get tough, that's what i call a ride or die chick because in the black communtity it is not ok to be gay or to support people who are, but i do all day everyday because gay people, especially men, are too much fun : )

JStar said...

I also shed a tear in memory of my brother who was gay and died of AIDS. He woulda cried tears of joy hearing this as well...He was teased and tortured his entire life...Being who he was, made him feel alive...RIP

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

wow, that's cool. as straight black man, everyone thinks automatically if it's a thing about gay rights you're against it. i'm not, i do say crazy shit from time to time but personally one of my homeboys came out to me first. and it was real weird. but it didn't change him as a person. i don't care who you trying to sleep with, unless it's me. that's the only time i'm having a problem with it.

i think it's crazy how things get so divided over this shit. this isn't something that is going to effect your life unless you're the one being denied it. ppl get power from thinking they're stopping other ppl from doing something. they tell you what God doesn't approve of, while judging you as if God approves of that. sounds a bit like a contradiction huh?

i'm happy for your friend. ppl who want the very thing that other's don't respect deserve to get it.