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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tatted Up....

I have 9 tattoos and I love each and everyone of them. each of them have a special place in my heart and mean something to ME in some sort of way. No matter if its how I felt at the time or who was there when I got it, i till this day remember everything about the day i got them.

My parent were so worried society judging me they never realized they only fueled my fire to get more. I understand 100% what they are trying to say but main stream America has never judged me on my tattoos...prolly because all of mine are hidden so very well that they are only invisible if I want you to see them. Funny thing is I have been judged by my peers more than any group of people i can think of. I have heard about people feeling like i was a hoe and a slut for some of my placement of tattoos....others have said I'm a lost soul looking for the actions....some others have said if i was brought up a different way that tattooing wouldn't have been something I would've been involved in. All of those thing have come from people who fall in the same era has me...some of those people have been men who have come in and then out of my life. All of those wonderful thing they had to say about me are so far from the truth and my tattoos. My parents have NO tattoos none not one ..nor do most of my aunts or uncles and they way I was raised has nothing to do with my choices of art. I have never been a hoe or slut and not every slut has a tattoo that stamps them as one. I know there are Doctors, lawyers, teacher, congressman, mayors who have tattoos..so does that make them hoes to? I just find it strange how some can come to some many conclusions about tattooing without really knowing what it means to that person. I personally have some tattoos that hold strange meaning for me....matter of fact those are prolly my favorite ones...the ones that people have to ask questions about.

So my question is If you have any tattoos who do you fell like judges you more? Society or Your peer? and If you don't have any tattoos How do you feel about them? Love em? hate em? on the fence about em?


Ava Dior said...

i love tatts! i especially love men with sleeves! *sessay sessay* i have 3 and i dont feel judged because of them, well, because i dont pay attention to ppl who judge me i guess.

thecreativemixx said...

I love your post today girl....cause I have 7 tats myself.

My earlier tats were done in places that can be covered up, but now I've been getting them in areas that can be seen. I happen to love tattoos and plan to get more!

My next one will be a quarter sleeve on my right arm.....

I find that family members have been more judgemental than peers or the general public. I couldn't care less....I'll keep doin as I do~

- monique starr * . said...

feelin this post i recently did one about the same thinq . i have 3 tats & 2 piercinqs , i feel like people who are stuck up or feel a certain way about thinqs look at me like im carryinq an obvious disease . my peers have said stuff that made me qo off , but i stronqly believe in . . . nobody can say whos riqht & whos wronq . i may wear somethinq u dnt approve of but that doesnt make me a bad person . tell em to kiss ya ass !

JStar said...

I have 4 tats, all hidden...So in the professional world I cant be judged...But when I allow them to show, I have never ever gotten any responses in a negative nature...Although I cant wait to get my ex husbands name covered lol...Dont ask me what I was thinking about that one :) DUMB MISTAKE lol...But I love my tats, so sexy :) and tats on a mans arm is so delicious :)