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Friday, December 11, 2009

U Celibate? what?!?

I have heard that statement over and over again from men that I tell that to! Lol...matter of fact its kinda of entertaining to see how they will react when i drop the bomb on them. I had an conversation not to long ago with a male friend of mine who said...*inserts government name* If you really wanna know if a dude like you ..tell em u ain't fucking and see what happens!* hmmm...at that moment i really didn't care for what he was saying but after numerous of my male friends said the same....i said OK..maybe. When You tell any man that you are celibate you learn alot about them in that one moment....sometimes you can read what they are thinking just by watching there body language change and trust me I have seen some people just shut down at that moment. LMAOOOOOOOOO and entertaining it can be. there are three things that are gonna happen when u drop this bomb...

1. They respect it and keep the relationship together
2.They cut off contact with you and keep it moving or

3. They accept it but have started plotting on how they will get you to drop the panties.

and that's it. you just play it for what it is after that. I say any respectable man will understand wait however long it takes for him to get. Its not always about what lies in between your legs about what in between your shoulders that's were they should be trying to be..all up in that. well, we all know that's not always what it is so i find that being celibate is a perfect way to find out who is down for the ride or who just wants to watch from the bench. I'm 26yrs old and just sexing for no cause is no longer the way I'm trynna go and wasting my time on a dude who just wants to nut are the ones I'm trying to fish out before he gets to acting like he all about me. Telling them I'm celibate has helped me see the light....in the last couple of months have I have watched numerous men hit me with I can handle it shit but in the end...they either got voted off the island or tried to change my mind about it...sorry honey....dropping $$$ on me and talking that fly ish is not going to seal the deal for u. What some men don't understand is.... if you want to impress me and for me to come up off the drawers you should wait me out...patiently....Sit back and enjoy the ride leading up to sex...it can be a great ride. Show me more interest in what i got going on in life instead of what going on between my legs trust and believe when I finally decide to take the plunge and let you hit it..it will be well worth the wait....

p.s. and to let you in on a little secret...I'm NOT Celibate at all...sorry?.....Just need to know where dudes heads are at!!!


ENO ONE.... said...


RoByn LaTice said...

I definitely unerstand this as well. And the reactions can be hilarious at times..most predictable though! Nice post.

JStar said...

LOL, thats a good way to see where there head is at...

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Hey girl, I am celibate and because of it am very picky on who I even interact with before we even have that conversation.

I've done the whole sex with no strings attached and sex with someone who wasn't even half worth it and i'm not 26, girl i'm 22 and I'm over the BS....UGH!

He'll be lucky if he can pry these legs open...graphic much huh? My bad!

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

Love it. People think celibacy is " the plague" and to use it as a tool to weed out the losers is very smart. I love having male friends and being able to pick their brains.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

your revelation, "i'm not celibate at all" is exactly why dudes won't wait. i find, and maybe it's just me..

but if i chick has NEVER had sex and says she's a virgin and not having sex, dudes don't try so hard to plot. but if you've broken off the good stuff before and you're just holding out on him it's the mentality, "well...it's not like she hasn't had any, she just need a "little" time to come off that celibate shit..".

me personally, i've waited. and waited. been patient. been understanding. but i see it like this. women want you to "get all up in their head" they want you to be interested in what they are interested in. they want you to go out do shit you don't wanna do. and then act like sex is a one way street. if you aren't enjoying it. if you don't like sex, then ok..maybe you are making a trade off giving me some. but stop acting like the only one who'll get something out of it is me. it's not a gift for just me. it's a gift for both of us. stop playing..

it wouldn't work if i told a chick i was broke and until she gave me sex i wasn't coming off no money. so why you can withhold the part of the relationship i want? just saying.

gonna try that line next time. "my accounts froze for a few months...but until i get some funds i'd love to give you sex and go out on your dime. if you're really patient i promise it'll pay off, in the long run.."

i'd be alone for the rest of my life lol..