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Monday, December 21, 2009

Let It Snow...No More!

From North Carolina to Maine was under a winter storm waring....So here in The DMV we got hit with 2 feet of snow...no bueno....It started late Friday night and you know i was in those streets doing stuff i had no business doing and i had to drive myself home when the roads were looking no good at all!! thank god for getting me home safely...but needless to say I spent my whole weekend snowed in at my parents....not a good look but did get set free on sunday and the road were still bad :-(

take a look......

My Daddy Playing to much!

and last, Shout Out to my place of business for being open on this Monday morning and Me for almost dying on my way here...Fuck ya'll cuz i ain't coming in tomorrow!


JStar said...

OMG Girl...I am about sick of this white crap they call snow lol...I am soooo glad the Govt closed Monday and the kids are out of school for the holidays...I still didnt make it in yesterday, it was toooo icy I wasnt risking it...Now I gotta work Christmas Eve :(

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

wow...i miss the snow. living in Ga we gets no snow love. but i def didn't love when i was in it (used to stay in detroit for a minute), we didn't have no snow blowers. my ass was outside shoveling the walk way. not the life, not the life at all. in fact now i'm back to not missing the snow. lol