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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well Okay....

Well well well....Good Ole Tiger Woods, What is really going on? Apparently a whole lot because the women of his past and present just can't keep their mouths shut! When I first heard the report that Tiger had allegedly cheated on his wife it was no surprise to me, that is one of the factors that may come with marrying an athlete...sometimes they cheat ...sometimes they don't. No one ever knows what cards you will be dealt until its your turn to play. I turned to station after station and there he was and every ones ears were open to see what the latest news was. I wonder is the world so interested because its Tiger Woods or because he cheated on his ex white model wife? Make you think doesn't it...

What Tiger is accused of doing is something that happens every day to people in any given city. Its nothing new for a man to get caught cheating on his wife with numerous lovers so why does it interest the world so much. I might sound a little racist for what I'm about to say but hmmmm....its how i feel...and like the name of my blog If you don't like my opinion...that's fine.

Kobe Bryant was once to caught up in a cheating scandal that shocked the world d but i think not because the L.A. Laker's Kobe had been caught cheating and of rape more that he was cheating on his not black wife and the world was appalled by it. I sat back and watched all the news coverage of his cheating ways and saw the nation ate it up from court case to court case from every piece of jewelery he brought his wife until he beat his charges we were on the edge of our seats to see where this would lead us and where did it?

Another cheating scandal pops in my head when I think of Kobe and Tiger...Micheal Jordan. I wonder if anyone really remembers his story *Kanye shrug* I'm sure many DO NOT! Jordan was married to his wife for 17yrs and in that time he managed to cheat numerous times but only one really stood out..a white girl by the name of Karla who filed suite against him but do you remember seeing that on every talk show, gossip site and news station because who cares about the black man cheating on his black wife....or at least that's how i feel about it. Steve McNair cheated on his wife and the only reason the world paid it any kind of mind was because his story ended oh so very tragic and once i sit back and think about it his died down rather quickly after his funeral the media just wasn't interested on what lead him to do it. A pretty picture was painted of Tiger and his home life which made me laugh until I got tears in my eyes...Is he the only athlete who has a wife, kids and a booming career to cheat on his wife? because most of them and that and more. It angers me that the media is so much more interested in exposing him because of his choice of wife....Does it make there situation much more news worthy because he cheated on his white wife is that what we are so amazed by..that after scoring himself and beautiful non black wife that he would have the balls to cheat on her.. Think about the women who get cheated on everyday why isn't there stories just as news worthy as Tigers is. OK So what he cheated...So what he got caught....So what he left one of his women a message...so what he cheated with a stable of women he's not the first athlete to do so and he won't be the last. They care so much because it was Elin he cheated on and not Iesha

Would the media been just as interested if Tiger had found Shanika, Fahtima and Lashelle to cheat on his wife with instead of Kelly, Chrissy and Mallory? Would they spend so much time and effort to expose him and his indiscretions if he was flying women of color all over the world to have sex with? We would the world still be giving him the side eye from hell if this all under different circumstances.


Lipglass and Handbags said...

PREEEEEAACH BIOTCH!!! I love this post because Tiger's cheating ways have been exposed less then a month after Shaquille O'neal's wife Shaunie filed for divorce from him because of his cheating ways. Supposedly Shaq was cheating with Gilbert Arenas' fiance but is that being blown up in our faces on the sports page everyhere? NO!!! It's absolutely right, that the reason that Tiger's indiscretions are being broadcasted everywhere because he is a BLACK man whether he chooses to recognize it or not and HOW DARE he cheat or "play" America's treasure, THE WHITE WOMAN!!! It's sickening....the obsession with things like this and NO, we don't remember MJ's infidelities because of the very reason you mentioned. 75-80% of Athletes are likely unfaithful....but it is only those that swagless white america perceive to "not really be black" whose indiscretions get blown up out of proportion, invading the media and our living rooms. So WHAT!! Elin will pick up the pieces just as athletes wives have doing for years!!! Sorry hunni, it comes with the territory.

Love the post Sunshine**

JStar said...

I am white and TOTALLY AGREE with you!!!

Freckles said...

I approve this blog - love it and I am tired of hearing about it. I am so over it. She is not the first and will not be the last.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i think at the level of fame that Tiger had anyone he cheated with would have been a scandal. it would have just been less overall sympathy for his wife if she was black.

the thing with tiger is he's the white man's nightmare. black man that wants to sleep with white women. and he gets 'em and puts it down by the dozens. he was squeaky clean and almost "slide by-able" cause he's mixed. but now he's just a "nigga". which i'm more upset about than anything else. why are we embracing his behavior like this is something our culture does exclusively. i've seen tons of "well we know tiger is black because..". it's like really? dude ain't want to identify with us to begin with. let him sort out his mess with the ppl he wanted to embrace him.

that being said.he'll be alright because he's even more famous with the asians and they separate personal lives from your career. which is really what we should be doing. him being a jerk cheater, has nothing to do with him being a great golfer. unfortunately now to the masses it will tarnish everything he's pretty much worked for. no matter what, he'll always be known as tiger woods the cheater.

khaki said...

I think you may be on to something. of course I had my theory as well.
Not only did he cheat with a white woman but he - just like Kobe- had this angelic image and then when folks found out they actually were human the media went crazy. Trust that if this was someone like crazy ass Dennis Rodman no one would really give a shit.

I dont think people would have thought in a million years that po lil Tiger "I aint black" Woods would do something like this.

great post girlie.