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Monday, December 21, 2009

What About My Tan

" With all this shade being thrown at me....how in da hell do these people expect me to get a tan!"
taken from the book of Ne'Kiah D....my cousin...I love her and hate her wrapped all up into one for this classic quote.

One thing I can saying it is she was so right about that!! We got discussing how we have so many Shady people in our live and we don't know what to do with them.....smh.. as much as we hate to admit it some of the shade comes from our own family and friends and those are the worst one. You ever have a friend who is only your friend on certain days of the week? or a family member you only hear from at family functions or they need something? I always love to hear the shady people in my life talk about all the shit they got planned for us for all they shit we gonna do knowing god and damn well your shady ass is never gonna call or continue with the plans....smh... One thing i was always taught was to keep the shady people close because those the ones who will stab you in the back first! and I have had my share of shady males and female stab my back good.... real good. I know I should have left these shady people alone along time ago but some hide thier shade very well..so it takes longer to sort them out...others had special places in my life and heart so setting them free took alot out me to do...but it is what it is and I'm getting to old to keep playing this game so I think its about time to write them all off. Trust me i got awhole list of people whose shade has been blinding my tan for far to long and others just recently decided they wanted the tan more than I. It kind of melts my heart a little to think that some of theses folks will never see the likes of me or anything involving me...I'm a very tolerant person when comes to friendships and all those relationships so losing a couple brings a little sad face to me. Some of those people have been through alot of shit with me....and as I think about it some of them may have been the cause of some the shit i went through....things that make you say hmmmmmm!

So in 2010..all the shady people in my life shall not be taking the leap with me into 2010!!! I'll holla!

I'm cleaning house slowly!!!! got to start 2010 off right!


JStar said...

I feel ya here...and you know in our area, shadiness is the way of life....

LOL, I had to clean really good to, my mommy is coming to town today :)

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i feel you. i'm surrounded by shady ppl at all times. i think it's because i'm a nice person. and genetically my immediate family only we are known to the family as the "suckers" cause apparently everyone comes to us & tries to walk over us like we're naive. they just don't realize we help them out because we're just good hearted ppl.

friends the same way. yet, those i can pretty much let go. i distance myself from even pretending to be your friend if you're shady. you'll have to catch my ass walking out of someplace to come into contact with me. i actually got "do not answer" ringtones for the times they actually wanna call from their own phone.

cut them trees down and get out the shade. don't bring the haters i in, in 2010.