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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Someone Likes Me...

Kreative Blogger Award...

I got this from one of the realist and funniest blogs I have ever read by a Man. Most blogs that I have read by men are so so boring but not this one....I Am Tha Unpretentious Narcissist...make sure you go check him out...

In order to keep the spirit going I'm suppose to list & things I love and 7 people to pass it on to..
and i promise i shall do it the correct way this time instead of putting my own twist on it...so here it goes..

7 thingsI love...

1. Basketball...I have been in love with the sport since i can remember my brother would take me to games and i would watch i on tv with him all the time. Men are pleasantly surprised that i'm that much into it...they usually think its a front! but i got drop knowledge on them from to time so they respect my gangsta! I have my Fave teams Wizards and Lakers and Fave players Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard!

2. My Blackberry....I love him! He has a name and everything, he's the perfect boyfriend He does everything I tell him plus more! I feel so lost and incomplete if I left him at home or his battery dies I wonder around lost without him! His name is Duke!!! don't ask...lol...

3. Frozen Cake...Weird I know...but i love to take slices of cake that has been baked and stick it in the freezer. It taste soooo gooooood. frosting melts in your mouth and i think i just like the taste of cold cake! *Kanye Shrug*

4. Family....I'm all about family and love to have them around..I love them to death!!!! They are wild, crazy and outspoken it gets no better than them. When are all together I can feel the love in the room even when we are being jerks. My best memories are one when my family is included.

5. Sneakers..I'm a sneaker freak!!! which is funny because i don't think i really wear them often! I have tons of sneaker under my bed, in my closest at my sisters house anywhere i can store them. I have some which cost me a lot of money...some that came across seas to get to me and some that I have never even touched pavement before!!!! yes I have a problem.

6. Music....especially music that hasn't made it mainstream. My god brother introduced me to the world of underground music and its were my heart lies. I have been to some extra hood spots to catch underground rappers and singers do there thing.

7. Forehead kisses....They are sweetest and make me warm inside when i receive them! my god father started this when i was young and till this day he has to give me one before goes overseas to serve our country! I can't for him to come home cuz i really need one right about now..

okay here are my 7 people i wanna pass this on to...

My DMV chick..Lipglass and Hangbags.
one of my fave blogger... Traci Lavette....
Starla Monae...she enjoys trashy tv with me!
Adwoa...who has been missing in actions.
my fave college student AGILES
the homie JStar cuz she always showing love
and Ms. Freckles!!!!


Traci Lavette said...

YOU show me so much love! And I love you right back!!! I was just coming over to visit for a minute and see what my girl's been up to and low and behold if she ain't don gave me an award!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

The forehead kisses...Ain't they just as special as they can be?! Love them. I think they talked about that being Lance's signature mark on "The Best Man" or the frontal lobe or something like that. Whatever, it's sexy!

Basketball...that which I love and need someone to teach me the ins and outs of it. I absolutely love the sport. It's the most action-packed of ALL and never disappoints. Not to mention that the men are so tall you can climb 'em like trees LOL!!!

Music...my muse! I love music. It works for any kind of mood I am in. Grew up with music blaring in the house and that's how I get everything done now. Can't do without it!

Blackberry...I'm hatin right now because I DON'T HAVE ONE!!! I want one though and will soon be crossing over to the dark side. I hope the are all they are cracked up to be...I'll be sure to give you my review :-)

Family...sometimes I think I love them too much b/c I don't feel like I get back what I put out. That's another story though. They are mine for better or worse.

Frozen cake...not the bizness! What the hell is that?! LMAO! Unless you are talking about ice cream cake, keep it movin girl!

Sneakers...what's to say. They are wonderfully comfortable and can really make the outfit with the right pair.


JStar said...

:) THANKS!!!! I am honored :)

Krissy said...

I am the same with sneakers. I used to wear them often now they stay fresh in the closet unless I just feel the urge to put them on( which is rare lol)

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

aww thanks for the shoutout love & for going against your better judgment and doing these damn 7 things for me..lol

i'm with you on everything but the frozen cake. cake does not belong in the freezer. it takes the warmness out of it. yanno the warmness. lol..