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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All To Myself

My big brother who I don't really get to see often...he lives in Cali came into town this friday and I didn't even know it...How Rude!! Sunday morning while trying to recover my hangover I got a text saying...Hey! i'm in town we need to spend some brotherly/sister time together..holla at me..Now I thought he had just arrived so when i called my mother to ask her 20 question why he was here...she informs me that he had been home since Friday and that he has a "FRIEND" with him...and didn't want me or my older sister to know how his trip. REALLY>>>>not my brother A.D. who I share everything with the one who is the first to call when he touches down..Say it ain't so...say it ain't so!! and His brand new ass has brought a "FRIEND" and what kind of friend was this. After some much investigation I find out that he brought a Lady freind with him..Me don't like that at all...a friend is one thing but a lady friend is awhole other story. *side note* My sister and I are very protective of him for more than one reason but mainly because we both watched him be in a unhealthy and dead marriage on and off for 7 years. I watched him hurt so much and fight so much to keep things together and we never want him to go through that again in life. And if my brother comes from one coast to another with a female it must be serious.....and I don't think I like it....not at all. I guess u can say I'm a little jealous....When he comes into town its usually all about my sister and I, We both get to spend individual quality time with him and I cherish that because we prolly only see him 2 or 3 times a year....So him bring a Female with him meant...NO SUNSHINE time with him and that makes me sad..*wipes the tears* Anyway my brother and I and that damn Lady friend was suppose to go to dinner last night but my Aunt caught us and rapped us up about nothing at all...smh..That heffa talked for 45mins straight about nothing what so ever..I was nodding off and shit and the heffa still wouldn't shut up. Needless to say dinner didn't happen..We just ordered some crabs and had an eat in moment which i had to share wit "Lady Friend"...Boooo...to that. I will admit i did like her a lil bit but I liked her even more when knew who Wale was and the fact she lives in Tennessee and not Cali made it any better. That's means A.D. and Lady Friend won't be seeing much of each other...YYYYYYAAAAAASSSS!!!! My time with my brother was limited but I enjoyed every moment he leaving Wednesday night and I'm gonna cry....I cry every time he leaves I miss him. He is like a breath of fresh air when he's home...he's brings a well needy comfort when he comes. He understands me and listens to everything i have to say. He gives the best advice and lord knows i need that this time around. Last night he pulled me to the side and said...Sunshine, I'm so proud of the woman you have become and one day you'll find a man who will appreciate who are and you'll be happy...I promise!...he always knows how to get me all misty eyed.....God I LOVE MY BIG BROTHER!!!


YBandDL Bad PYT In the Closet at Hearbreak Hotel said...

I think it's sweet, that you love your brother, and that you and him and your sister have a nice close relationship. I think it shows real love that you two want the best for him now, that he had such an unhappy and rocky marriage. I see some siblings who treat each other worse than strangers, it's nice to see y'all are different.

I think it was really nice what he sad to you about being proud of you of the woman you have became, that almost got me misty eyed. I thought what he sad about you one day finding a man who will appreciate that and make you happy was great inspiration.

Now, with the Sweet part out the way onto the Sour!

Heifer you is dead wrong, for being selfish about your brother. Stop jock blocking him, and let him find a woman who appreciates him, like he wants a man to appreciate you. Sometimes it is not about you and what you want. Your tail being all happy, because the chick lives in Tennessee and he doesn't get to see her much...wrong...wrong...wrong. Hmm, just got me all kinds of shaking my head. Let the brother find a chick that makes him happy. Now you can be protective, but don't be happy about him staying single. I don't even know him, but I'm rooting for him and her to work it out. As long as she appreciates him and loves him. Stop trying to pussy block him. You want him to remain single and do himself, to porno's or mess around with random chicks?

I understand you want your alone time, since you don't see him much, but root for your brother to get some good booty and bomb head!

Does she look like she got that good good? What about her lips does she look like she can take him places, when she is down South on him, and I'm not talking about Tennessee either?

khaki said...

^ alrighty then....

Hey boo.... you know you wrong for hating but I guess I can understand why you feel that way *rubs back*. Be nice to your brother's girlfriends.

Traci Lavette said...

Hey PooPoo...I completely understand *smiling a comfort smile*

Really though. I do understand because I am the same way about my brothers and their women. I guess they have made 'okay' choices, but I'm still getting there and getting used to the whole 'woman-in-the-middle', thing. I know, it's very childish, but I feel that is where they are - in the middle of lifelong bonds :-)

But wait! Before anybody has ANYTHING to say, they do the same to me and are even vocal with theirs. I just kind of sit back and give the "don't eff over my brother or you'll have me to deal with, homey" attitude/look. These fools outright call me and are like "he is not good enough for you". So...yeah, it's definitely reciprocated.

If my brother had come to town 3,000 miles away and only let me know on day 3, gurl I prolly would've found some kind of way to blame the chick LOL!

What part of Cali is your brother from? I'm a Cali girl (by way of Cincinnati), myself.

Epitome said...

Ole selfish ass! Don't do that no more, you said you liked the heffa (scuse me...woman) before you even know the heffa (damn...WOMAN) name.