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Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday To You....

My favorite show has turned 40 this week and I had to send em a shout out...

Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street!!!!!

I was certainly in love with this show and I still am at 26yrs old!!!! I use to watched it morning noon and night back in the day..i was obsessed with it as an child. I remember for my 4th birthday my Mommy threw me a sesame street birthday party with an Big Bird Cake and u couldn't tell me shit that day!!!! My Aunt's crafty ass made my Big Bird Cake and it stood up, I cried because we had to cut it and that meant that Big Bird must die. Until like 5 years ago I still had the Big Bird chair my got me that year...*sobs* I didn't want to let it go.

Just a lil knowledge....

This cute little Muppet is Kami...We in the USA will never see her or get to meet her. Akalani Sesame Street in South Africa introduced her about 4 years to relate her to the growing number of HIV cases. 4.7 million South African...that's 1 out 9 are HIV positive, The HIV infected character was created at the urging of the South African government, which help sponsor the show to reduce stigma about the disease. Kami is a healthy HIV Positive, affectionate 5 year old orphan who is a little shy but quickly joins when approached in a friendly way, She also knows a lot about HIV, she slao lost her mother to the disease. When Kami was Unveiled..with her mop of brown hair and she also wore a vest, wandering onto Sesame Street and wondering nervously if the residents will want to play with her. She didn't have to worry because the other Muppets enthusiastically welcomed her.

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