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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Don't Wanna Hear It....

Everybody is so extra excited about Rihanna breaking her silence and speaking out about her incident with Chris Brown....hmmmmm......But me... not so much. I think i am truly over this damn shit and wish it would all just end. No I don't think Chris was right for his actions but I really hope Rihanna doesn't get on TV playing the victim to the up most! especially since it has blown over now and life has gottne back to normal she breaks out with this damn interview...smh..why oh why Rihanna. I just don't know what to think of all this....some of me thinks all this might just be a ploy to sell more albums or to make sure that Chris doesn't sell any at all...which I hope isn't true...but why now did she decide this was the right time to speak out?.....Why would u wait after the hype has died down to bring it right back up again?....I really hope and pray that she doesn't get on that show and betrays Chris as an Monster..which i don't really believe he is but I hope she respects him like he respected her in every interview he did concerning this incident. It would make me really sad to her paint him as a deranged crazy monster who has been beating her all along. I just want her to respect him like he did her.... Plus i don't really think she's even going to give the world to much info on that whole night or there relationship I bet its only gonna be a snippet of interview about the incident and the rest will be about her career and new album...Now think disappointed the world will be if that happens?


Eury said...

OMG! You hit the nail right on the head, I'm really confused, why would she wait til now?

What does she have to say? The photo said enough. Unless she's gonna tell the world how she agitated him &caused the argument to escalate...


Conni3 said...

I agree. I find it funny her ‘candid’ interview coincides with her album release later this month. It’s all about publicity with these people.

AGILES said...

This is clearly being done to hype her album... She had allll summer to do an interview. She wasn't doing shit but being a "fashion icon" going out every damn night lol. I think its quite tacky! I'm surprised she's not trying to get on Oprah.

YBandDL Bad PYT In the Closet at Hearbreak Hotel said...

Now I wrote two long post about this earlier this year.

Eury, I don't know what she is planning on saying, but I know she Ain't about to say she aggravated him and escalated the incident...LOL, even if she did, she AIN'T about to confess that part.

Now I'm not about to write anymore about this situation, because I think people think, because I supported him through this whole year, that I am okay with domestic abuse, but I'm not. I too just don't think he is that Monster. I think their is more to the story, than what we saw.

If she does go into details, then I think, then I think it will be a backlash. People are goign to get upset that it took her so long. fri

She isn't about to tell us that missing part in the interviews either. I think it is just big hype to promote her new album. Both of them are in some huge promotions competition, this past month, when it comes to their new albums.

I think it is all about Album sales!

Lipglass and Handbags said...

I am so not interested in what she has to say because this wench clearly calculated that she would talk about this NOW with the release of her new album. I don't care!!! IT HAPPENED IN FEBRUARY!! LET THE WORLD MOVE ON AS WELL AS CHRIS AND RIHANNA!!!

She should have been spoken out about the incident, if for nothing else, because she has young female fans looking up to her. However, she decided to jet ski with Chris and go partyin all around the world instead of address what obviously was a very serious issue. SO FAKE, SHE IS!!!!


khaki said...

I love your usage of "damn shit"! Imma use that... now moving on.

i totally agree with you. She should just keeep it quiet like she's been doing.

**5 Star Chick** said...


Traci Lavette said...


Of course it's for the publicity. Whitney did it and now she's doing it too. I have the exact same thoughts as you on all this shit...who give a shit?!

And yes, I saw the first installment on GMA this morning and she definitely plays the victim, here. We ALL know that it was NOT right for Chris to go where he did and do what did, but we also heard the stories of how their relationship was a very physical one. This just happened to be one, of many, incidents that made it public.

So anyway, she did say something along the lines of "being ashamed because people are to think how did I fall in love with a person like 'this'". How she had to be stand up for the young girls when she realized how much they depended on her to set an example and she just couldn't be the cause of a girl getting murdered. Okay, Rihanna. If you say so. She said "even if Chris never would have hit me again, it doesn't mean that young girl's man wouldn't have hit her again or even killed her".



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