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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Traci Lavette Asked....

Shout out to Traci Lavette for dropping question #2 on me!! I can always count on her. Also go ahead click that rat there <Beauty In Rare Form> and check her out, she one of my favorite bloggers!

Her Question was:

How did you come up with the theme for your Blog?

Its not a very interesting story but since you asked I'll share. I originally started blogging after I stumbled upon Enigma Jones' blog Life and Times of trifling chick F.K.A. Oral Vex.
It caught my attention and I decided if she can blog about her life and life experiences and people drawn to it that I can too! So I aim my girl B.Kels and I told her I wanted to blog..lol..At first she laughed me out until she realized I was serious. we threw around some titles and it didn't seem to fit. About two days later she called me and said I got it....If you don't like my opinion ...that's fine...At first i was a lil against the title didn't think it would suite what i was gonna right about but after she ran it past why she picked that I Loved it. So the title of my blog fits my attitude 100%! I have always had a "I don't care attitude" I guess you can say. I'm quick to speak on some thing and hold no cut cards. I volunteer my opinion and thoughts with out any discretion and if people don't like what I'm saying...that's fine by me! Hints the title ...U Don't Like My Opinion...That's Fine! Now the content of my blog is just my everyday thoughts...some serious and other not..its just how I'm feeling at the time I guess. At first I thought no one would be interested but I look and see I got a couple of followers so it makes blogging a little more fulfilling.


Traci Lavette said...

Well, I'm glad your girl took you serious because I LOVE coming by to hear what you have to say. It's not only entertaining, but like you said straight to the point and I can ALWAYS appreciate that in anyone. I am the same way and you either hate it or you love it, but at the end of the day, I'm just being true.

You are so sweet for the "Shout Out", and you are by far, one of my favorites!!!

Love ya, girl!

Keep up the good work.


Enigma Jones said...

OMG...why the hell didn't you ever mention that you started a blog????? U mean I coulda been over here all up in your head too? lol

Glad I could inspire you to also get the thoughts out of your head and into the computer. Good way to vent, ain't it??? Thanks for the pimpage by the way...

Anonymous said...

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