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Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm Joining.....

Today I have decided after seeing there damn commercials a thousand and one times today that i"m going to join

Yes...I shall be pressing the join button soon very soon. I shared this thought with my Twitter Boos.._AGILES_,Oglolabunny and Colabunnie and those heffas tired to talk me out of it for more than one reason..Mostly because they were concerned about my safety and all that jazz but if u know me u know that if I really do this shit one of my friends will be tagging along to make sure everything is everything and no one ends up dead....especially his ass. I mean everytime i see those damn commericals the people seem oh so very happy to have sat down in front of the computer and shared there personal lives with some total stranger in hopes of finding true love. My cousin said for me not believe it because he never see any black people on those damn things....but ...Ha..I saw an Black couple today so much for that driving me away. And if memory serves me correct an Actress by the name of Essence who starred in the show half and half join Match.com and found her soul mate...so why can't I? I mean at first i was just playing around with the thought but now as I think about it.....hhhhmmmmmmm...maybe i will one day soon maybe for the New year bring 2010 in with a new start...maybe even a new man. I ain't getting no younger and good men are far and in between so maybe my future husband or baby daddy is on match.com or eharmony waiting for me to join so he can sweep me off my feet and we can ride off into the sunset or is that something Disney made me believe would happen cuz it sure nuff happen just yet and bitch is ready for it......maybe....I don't know....smh...one thing i do know is i just wanna live.....

Is that too much to ask for......*sigh*


Teenage Years. said...

I actually think it's an amazing idea... At first I thought that it was weird but recently I've known so many people who met on facebook or myspace... eHarmony has got to be more safe. Good luck! Keep us updated (:

Eury said...

I wish you luck, it'll be a great story to tell your grand kids one day... lol

Epitome said...

Why you trying to replace me? I got to fight every night to prove my love!

True story: I have thought about this idea too...I'll do it with you boo, we'll be thelma and louise of eharmony...without the murder and suicide.

Lipglass and Handbags said...

To each his own!! If you want to join then, why not? You're joining with the intention to maybe meet someone so who's to say there isn't a guy for you that is joining for the same reason. I say do it!!!

.× azzy. ♥♥ said...

well good luck my dear! i don't know anyone personally who joined eharmony.

but if essence atkins found her love on eharmony(i read that somewhere). so why can't you???