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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


And this is how I feel about every man that I'm entertaining in my life right now! Don't get me wrong I enjoy the male attention but they are all trying to pull me in there direction instead of following my lead....because they really need to following lead...lol..I would never lead them wrong when it comes to dealing with me. Each of them want a piece of my precious time...so they can work my last effin' nerve.

First, its Redz who wants to see me morning, noon, and night! No Bueno boo no good! I don't wanna sit in your face doing nothing...talking about nothing everyday of my freakin life...He never really wants to do anything but SLEEP!!! Really I can sleep on my own time at my own house why do I wanna do that with you and since I ran across a way better cuddlier than him, it just made it a lil harder for him. Plus, I think I'm bored with him...You know what I know I'm bored with him. I'm so sick of doing the same shit every time i see his ass.....I mean every time. Can u switch the game up on me once or twice do anything but what we do everytime we are together please...you losing me boo you losing me! I need him to challenge me...give me something to look forward to...because right now I want nothing to do with him....I just want him to leave me alone...Sorry?

Next, Phillay...what can I say about him but I want him to leave me along too! So I think our little thing I'm not gonna call it an relationship works because he is so far away so that male attention I'm looking for isn't here for me to bask in. he still manages to drive me crazy from a distant or maybe I'm just sick of his ass too! *Kayne Shrug* He kinda milks me dry...wants to know so much about me but never gives up to much about himself. Plus everything is wonderful all week long when i hear from him...let me repeat that agaon WHEN I HEAR FROM HIM.. which isn't often at all since he is working in CT..and that's cool but don't call me like I know when u are free to talk or like I'm the one in the wrong. I have a certain amount of times I'll call him a week and if he doesn't return my call then no be it...i keep it moving. And has much as i hate to admit it Epitome was right I always find something in a person that i hate so I don't have to like em and with him I found more than one reason which we aren't going to get into just know I'm tired of his ass too! Plus I think boo still got a chip on his shoulder from dropping $205 on dinner and not getting no coo coo....sorry...maybe but it takes more than some dinner to get your girl...shut up khaki!

The blast from the past Worthless, Worthless, Worthless. Why won't u just let me great and stop sending me all these old photos of us in the happy days...well maybe not happy but the better days. I sucked up my pride and let by gones be by gones since the loss of your Friend but now you texting me everyday is getting old and tired so please stop. I don't wanna see you, I don't want you to take me anywhere to honest with you I just want yo to put new brakes on my car and stop talking to me after that...wrong?...yes.....Do I care?...no!

Last My darling Bird...You to have manage to work my last good nerve and i want you to leave me alone. I feel like sometimes u forget that I to have a life to maintain in between entertaining you. If you think i sit around and wait for that call from you then hmmm u are sadly mistaken! i can't drop everything at your call or rearrange my plans to cater to when u are ready to see me. It just doesn't work like that honey sorry! don't get us wrong I enjoy the time we spend together...oh do I enjoy it but u just wanna disarray my life to fit me into yours.

I know this might just be something I'm going through right now but its the way I feel! Now out of all these fools I would truly sadden if they all especially Bird minus Worthless decided to never speak to me again! it would hhhhuuuuurrrrtttttt! I think I just need a break from them in my life maybe a couple of weekends to myself just to smooth things over! yep that's it just some me time no We time just plain ole Sunshine time.


Epitome said...

Shoutout to me for being right *does a twirl around the post* Maybe you just need sometime to yourself like you said

Traci Lavette said...

Frustrated because they are not playing their parts the way you want them to. "I feel YOU!!!" you have every right to feel that you need breaks from all of them. If you don't take a break, then they will work your nerves to a point of no return. Just put 'em on hiatus for a minute.

khaki said...

Im not gonna say one damn word... hmmpf LOL