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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Second That Khaki.....

I checked in on my Boo Khakis blog today called and I quote "Fuck Rihanna" and i really surprised at how people feel about her and the 2word quote she left us with. I sat back and read each and every comment some supportive, some not but opinions are opinion and we have to respect them right?

Now I know that Khaki couldn't really touch on the Chris/Rihanna situation to much because she has never been in an abusive relationship but I have so I..ME...Sunshine will do it for her because I think some people are very perplexed by what she was touching on and expressing. So if You don't Like what I have to say then so be it.

I spent 6yrs of my life walking on egg shells, praying that each day would be better, trying to be a better me so u can say..I lived abuse, breathed and slept with abuse everyday for 2190 days, so I'm no stranger to it. I got my lip busted, black eyes, thrown against walls, tackled to the ground, put in the corner "so i could think about what just happen"and choked so abuse and I are very close freinds. So I defiantly know the difference between being abusive and defending yourself.

The Rihanna/Chris Brown situation is a very touchy one just like any other abuse situation but we tend to forget about all the women who were abused longed before Rihanna. Robin Givens, Halle Berry, Faith Evans, Lil Kim, Mary J. Blidge, Eve and the list can go on and on they all were victims but how funny we never mention them. Why is that? hmmmm...makes you think doesn't it. As a victim myself I can say the fear that abuse has on you never leaves. To this day if i cross paths with Dog my heart skips a beat and my breathing speeds up not because I think he's gonna lash out at me but because the fear he planted in my heart will be there forever trust no matter how strong you become that fear will never ever leave your side, its like a monkey on your back

Now with that being said let me say my piece on Rihanna?Chris...My doubt about them two came along time ago but my fuck Rihanna mentally didn't appear until she did her interview this month. 9 months and let me say it again 9 months again all hell broke out loss between you two and you speak on it now..Oh Ri Ri do you really need record sales that bad you have to turn your nose at Chris and paint him as a monster while you play ole holy angel role. Not once has Chris denied his action or sold you out to the public like you ran off to do. Plus October was domestic abuse month why weren't u in these streets helping and holding hands like u claim for the future? I do agree that putting your hands on women is totally wrong but were do we draw our line? Where do u we say maybe just maybe Chris was defending himself? never uh? We sat back and listened to her tell her story of that night but have we ever thought about his side what he has to say...no we haven't and Chris being a respectful man hasn't spoke on it and I praise him for that..why play tick for tack. Have we all just sat back and thought maybe just maybe Rihanna isn't the person she tries to make us believe....maybe the abuse was coming from her and not Chris? have we ever thought that maybe she was smacking and punching him around? No how could we, when the world is to busy crucifying him. That night could have been just his breaking point.....maybe in his mind he vowed that was gonna be the last time for him.Did we ever think he was defending himself!! One thing i have learned over the years is every Action has an Reaction, no matter if its positive or negative something will happen. So you putting your hand on someone just believe they will react to it. In psychology it called your Fight or Flight instinct...your body either fights back to survive or answers to the situation..meaning they might give up...Just think on that for a moment. We can't rule out that he was defending himself now can we?

These type of situations anger me each and everyday.We don't know what went down that night and that we can agree to but I'm almost certain its far more to this story that Rihanna has lead us to believe far more. being someone who lived my life in fear, i truly didn't get that Chris had popping me in mouth for years vibe from her....sorry....Plus after looking back on her action right after the situation I have to side eye her. Chris the man who you say you fear so much was the same man that you jet skied with and laughed it up at Diddy's house? But that was the man u feared right? Well, me coming from abuse can tell you not in a million year will or would sit in a room with Dog being the monster that he is....of course I understood her when professed her love for him but once you reach the breaking point you turn your back and you leave..no living it up and playing house at Diddy's place.

Getting over abuse is a hard process, nothing you just bounce back from. It took Mary and Robin years to be the women they are today. It was rare that they saw them in the limelight..no living it up partying to till the early morning....falling around drunk flashing your coo coo..none of that occurred but with a certain young lady we see it often...very often but I'm just saying. We all have such strong opinions of this situation without weighing all the aspects ...just think what if you were Chris Brown in that Car that night what would you have done? or If he was your son how would you want the world to look at him?

So in conclusion....I feel like Khaki does Fuck Rihanna! feel free to unfollow me if that what u feel!


khaki said...

*bowing down*

we going to hell and be forced to listen to Rihanna songs. Watch!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you and Khaki 100%.

Freckles said...

Ladies - I approve this message and I will now go check out Khaki's blog. I am over her and the BS, publicity stunts and pointing of the fingers. In no way do I condone him whooping her tail but I feel that there is more to the story and in the heat of the moment. I think that they are both young and fame is a bit much to handle along with love. There is alot of attention and fingers pointed. She is a mess and someone should tell her to get it together. All of this acting out is over the top and I AM SO OVER IT! I dont give a damn about her whoha (who - ha) is flashing all over the place nor do I care what fashion shows she is attending or that she is normal cottage cheese thigh having chick. I also think she is a lack of talent.

So again I say I will keep following and co-sign the message - FUCK RHIANNA!!!

Traci Lavette said...

I'm saying "FUCK RHIANNA!!!" as well. I DO NOT condone a man beating a woman and am very, very sorry that you endured that treatment, Ms. SunshineStar. Very sorry.

I did watch her interview and she was choosing her words very carefully, but careful enough. There were several statements made by her that were questionable. And the fact that Chris keeps saying, publicly that "I thought we would keep that between us", means that there is more to the story. He can't mean the ass whippin because that can't be kept between them anymore...WE all know about it. So, in my mind, it's the whole thing that led up to the attack. From what some reports were, their relationship was a volatile one and the abuse was reciprocal. Overall, they were bad for each other and had been at it before. This was just the first time it made it public. I think it was more a bruised ego on Rhianna's part b/c it was behind another woman...but we were not there.

They said that the abuse hotlines were at an all time high after her interview. Need I say more?