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Monday, November 23, 2009

Khaki Asked.....

I posted a blog a couple of days ago about Questions Anyone ...I left the floor open for any and everyone to ask me anything they wanted and my boo was the only one to respond...So thanks boo..*side eyein' the rest of ya'll heffa.....

Question: What's the biggest regret in life?

Khaki boo...You straight got me with a deep one right here. So regret.I think Have two of them....one was I never got to tell Ro how I really felt for him. A couple of weeks before he died he sat down with me and confessed alot about his feeling for me. Shocked I was by his confession..he wasn't the type to express his feeling and emotions so it got me by surprise but I never said to much back to him. I never told him that I have been in love with him from as far as I can remember, that I secretly was jealous of all the time he spent with other girls and that I pictured us together one day but that day I smiled and just said I love you too! I had planned on telling him how I felt soon...just soon. Sadly, before i got a chance he was taken away from me and Those feelings and words are now forever just in tangled in my heart. To this day I regret not opening my mouth...not letting him know how my heart really felt for him........

My second regret is not patching things up with my High School friend Daisy before she went into heart surgery in 2001 and she didn't make it. Daisy and I had been on the fence since she had gotten back with her worthless ex boyfriend. We beefed for a couple of weeks and then she announced to me with a brief phone call she was going in once again for heart surgery..I expressed my sorrow about the situation and then ended the call. Sad to say a few days later Daisy never woke out her coma and passed away. I felt horrible about the way things were between us, I was so young and dumb that I didn't want to be the bigger person and suck up my pride and call it truce... and I live with everyday.


khaki said...

awww man... hearing about Ro always makes me tear up.
Dammmit Sunshinestar!

Traci Lavette said...

Both of those situations are very heartbreaking. Very heartbreaking. I feel so bad for you. I know that after both of those situations you now know that time can't be wasted and that when you have something to say, it should be acted upon - especially if it has something to do with you expressing feelings to someone you care about. I'm sorry that happened to you 2wice, but it's a learning lesson for how to proceed in all other dealings.

I know what losing the man you love feels like. I lost mine to suicide October 2008 and it's still very difficult to deal with and like you, there was much left unsaid between the two of us.

My question to you, though delayed would be "How did you come up with the theme for your Blog?" I love it and the reading is very enjoyable and not pretentious like some of the others I come across.