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Monday, November 2, 2009

Adventures with Khaki

This year Halloween fell on a weekend and Khaki and I hit the streets like we always do. Now of course u know the girls dressed up her as Cleopatra...she even tried to bring her into the 21st century by rocking her new balances...Shout to Khaki for listening to me and taking them off and Me I decided to go as a mouse...and a very cute mouse might I add!! ...Sorry no pics of us which we forgot to take...damn..damn...damn*Florida Evans voice*

Halloween night I realized that I'm very much over this whole club thing..its just not for me anymore! I guess I have been doing this shit for far to long now and I just can't handle it anymore. I don't do long lines...I hate crowded place and list could go on and on. So I have decided that i will only go to the club for special events birthdays...new years...someone i can't live without seeing is performing and maybe a couple of other things and that it! No HU homecoming..no Halloween..no cuz we bored!!!! I also realized how many hott ass bammas be in the club swearing to god they are the shit!!! Baby ppppplllleeeeaaaasssseeeee stop it right now...u ain't the shit in here or out of here so give it a rest! and someone please notify some ladies that spandex is not acceptable for your moose ass no matter if its Halloween or not..smh... Shout out to all the females who used Halloween as an excuse to run around half naked! And What I can't understand about them is u come out wearing next to nothing and get mad when dudes are all over u...when u wear certain things..u get certain attention don't be mad at them be at yourself for coming out looking like a Victoria secret cover. SMH...anyway so here some of the randomness Khaki and I witness in the club...enjoy..

So I wish i had video of this fool but he was giving it to us in the club. Main man stood in the mirror and got right before he hit the dance floor hard...off beat and everything..lol..I had to take these pics quick damn blackberry got this bright ass flash..didn't want ppl to know what i was doing...sorry?

Booty Shaking hard....

He was freaking the shit out some girl..
And this fool dressed up as Hannibal...Hand tied behind his back and everything..he scared me and Khaki a little.....

and last this jerk who swore he was fly with his Shiny Varsity jacket...I think i had one of these in the 9Th grade...u know what i certainly did...lol...

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☆Reese✮ said...

Lord I swear ya'll are crazy lol...omg Hannibal!! ahhh

I love this Amerie song you have playing omg I wore it out when I first heard it!

By the way, I gave you the "Honest Scrap" Award lady, come over over to the blog when you can.