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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 11

What's in your make up bag

So I don't have a make up bag it more like a make up box!!
It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I turned on to make up...I can thank my sister for
that she became a make up artist and showed me the right way to apply it
and its been all she wrote after that. To be honest i don't even know what is really in here,
I just got too much of the shit and sometimes just have the urge to by more....don't judge me!
SO being that I have this box and not bag I'll show you what i wear on a regular basis from
pink mama is what my sister calls it! lol

My almost everyday wear are these 4 items....My Colossal mascara that I'm love with because
it gives you the long lashes as if they were fake and when i wear it ppl always ask if those are my real lashes. Next my mac studio pro foundation! even if i don't go all out and put on my whole face i do put this on...it just gives you the smooth all over look that i look for my dark spot or pumps will show and this shit is expensive so it better do its magic. My favorite mac eyeshadow gets alot of wear no matter what my outfit is...its apart of there mineralize collects its called Earthly riches and its the best to go from day to night in. and last but no least my can lipglass...oh how i love theeee...that is bountiful and she is the best. just shows up a little pink which i love and she too gets worn even if i don't go all out!

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