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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 14

A TV show that you are currently addicted to

Judge me if you would like but I'm hooked to this show! lol..Its probably targeted for teenagers or preteens but i swear I'm addicted to this show. The acting is terrible but for some reason i just can't miss a episode of it. Maybe because i remember all the high school and teenager drama i went through and relate on a certain level to what they are going through.. I don't know who turned me onto this show but much thanks to them me and my bff watch it non stop and keep each other up shows we miss....ok..now you judge me lol


Christina Adwoa said...

Girl you are not the only one..it's my Monday night crack..LOL.

khaki la'docker said...

i saw more than a few episodes of this during the blizzard and OMG.... i was glued. All the drama... cheating, attempted abortions, pregnancy, the parents, the school LOL jus too much. extra points because it focuses on middle class white suburbia

Krissy said...

i love this show too! you're not alone lol

JStar said...

Well I dont have cable so I dont get to wacth much...but my daughters are addicted to this show as well..


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