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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 22

A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Dear You hurt me,

I'm use to hurt just not the hurt coming from you. We have been through so little but so much together that when the words left your mouth and your feelings were exposed it daggered right through my heart. All the laughs, smiles, tears and sweat was all the past because the present was that you wanted to hurt me. I pulled you close because i thought i could trust you, thought that what we had would last a lifetime and when everyone was telling me to cut the cord because you didn't fit into our world, our lifestyle, our circle I didn't, I just pulled you closer and prayed for the best..but clearly the best never came and not alone that but you managed to hurt me too. The hurt you caused me wasn't anything out of the normal...wasn't anything to be sacred by but hurt is hurt and you caused it for me. As I felt the daggers you threw my way hit me I thought my feeling would never heal that hurt would never go away and i will confess it hasn't fully healed i can sometimes go back to that wound and open it back up once again. I was once going to call, text, send a letter a post card to talk things through but my pride mixed with my hurt won't let that happen. Maybe its best that my hurt stays fresh that it never leaves my mind...maybe its best that what we had is over and that i have no real desire to fix it or make it better. I guess the hurt you caused left a imprint on my heart and my feeling..... So to you I say i hope life treats you great gives you all that you deserve and more but our time ran it course and i learned the hurt you pushed upon me is much more loyal than you.



JStar said...

GIRL I know this pain and it hurt me just to read it. I know you feel so much better getting it out of your system. Now take this letter and burn it and throw it away for good. Forgive now but never forget.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

"..and I learned the hurt you pushed upon me is much more loyal than you."

Wow...I can so relate. All learning experiences but I hate that some have to hurt so bad for us to learn...and then you have some who don't learn a damn thing and keep putting their hand in the fire to get burned. SMH...they never said life would be easy!

Freckles said...

i feel you on this post. I like to charge these situations to being character building experiences that keep in check. Not too mention some folks are just good for a season.


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