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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 7

Your Dream Wedding

I always talk about having this big ole extra expensive and huge wedding but in reality that is not how i see myself getting married. My dream wedding would be a informal affair...a beach wedding maybe even a destination wedding in Jamaica, Mexico, Turks and Caicos or Aruba who knows but i do know that it has to be on the beach since i was little i always dreamed of being barefoot on the beach getting married with the waves crashing in background. I want everyone to be barefoot and comfortable..no suits and ties or formal dresses and heels just something breezy comfortable

My dress would be simple and straight to the point..no crystals or beads or the princess look just simple and elegant. Even though i want simple i do want something fly and unique sort of like this one. My wedding party will also have the whole casual wedding thing going on. My bridesmaid will be in dresses of their choice I'm not going to ask them to be uniformed to each other just rocking the same color...the style part I'll let them pick they know what looks best on them and I can trust them to come well prepared. As for my future husband and his groomsmen they can rock something simple maybe linen outfit...maybe or something light weight..I'll let him choose.

The decor will be bright and playful.... A whole lot of pinks, oranges and yellows. I love flowers so I hope to have them everywhere. I want to make sure the tropical feel is everywhere. I want my bouquet to be over the top something not too big but an eye catcher.

My centerpieces will be candles surrounded by flowers i want my reception to have romantic feel so i want to be dimly lit and candles all over the place. I still want the beach to be included so if i can find away to bring in sand and rocks like the picture below it would be wonderful. I just want everybody not to feel uptight about being there. Not being nervous about what fork is the right one to use.

And last the cake....the cake is where the tropical theme is left behind and i bring a little bit of me into. I want my cake to go as far away from the beach wedding theme as possible. I love animal print..cheetah, zebra and tiger stripes i love it. So i want my cake to be that...crazy colored and animal print plus i want it to be an Topsy or mad hatter cake. I love the look of the cake looking like its about to fall over. Feather will be included just like the picture.

I want my wedding to be something that not only I will remember but my guests too! II want my guests to look back and think how they cried and had nothing but fun. I want it to be the best time we all had but just the right amount of romance.


JStar said...

My dream wedding is the same...On a beach barefoot... :) Thats sooo romantic...Your ideas sound fun and well thought out :)

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Girl you got me ready to get on a plane with stock in Kleenex waiting to cry at this wedding! This is so unique and vivid! I love it!

sunshinestar110 said...

@jstar I think the beach is ultimate romantic spot! and to honest i just came up with those ideas just a couple of days before writing that but it just felt right!

@starrla girl! you know we cry about everything so tissues will be handy for us!

khaki la'docker said...

dont even know why i got all misty eyed... probably because i want to be on a beach... i want to be bare foot... i love pink... or is it because ive never been a flower girl LOL