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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 12

A Photograph of the town you live in

(DC, Maryland, and Virginia)

The town I live in is the DC metro area... Which is sometimes referred to as the DMV. Now if you ask where I am from I will be quick to tell you DC because as soon as you tell someone that you are from Maryland they assume you are from Baltimore and that right there is a no go! Now what you looking at is Fed Ex field where the Deadskins...i mean the Redskins play...I picked these pics because i was not going to drive around and take pic of random things where i live so i picked the most noticeable site near my home.

On any given Sunday during football season can be stuck in traffic forever trying to get as far away from the games as possible, watching the crazy drunk people tailgating and hearing the roar of the crowd when they finally score a touch down.
Whatever the case maybe this is one of the reasons I love my town/city or whatever you want to call it.....It about Sports around here even though of them suck.

and please don't mistake this as we being a Redskins' fan because I'm far from that I just love my city...


JStar said...

LOL...Yea, we are not all Redskins fans...LOL@claiming DC because you dont want to be referred to BMore...I do the same thing...Esp since I live 5 mins from DC...DC/Bmore=Two totally different places...With two totally different attitudes...

sunshinestar110 said...

ain't that the truth and i can't be from b-more its just not my style at all!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I'm a Skins fan, but not die hard like most DMV folks. I've been saying "DC" since when I went away to college, that's all anybody from outside the area could understand. I'd say Alexandria, VA and they'd go, is that near Richmond?


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