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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 27

A Picture Of You Last Year And How Have You Changed Since Then?

This picture just recently surfaced, I hardly remember taking it
but I do know its from NYE last year and its kind of cute.
Alot has changed since this time last year. First,
I become more comfortable being me and accepting some of my flaws.
I have also lighten up with the males in my life right after this pic was taken i had a deep convo with one of my males friends just about life and other stuff and he made realize alot about alot of things because of him I see my actions with males along with alot of other things in a different light...Thanks B.J.
My hair is much shorter and i have given up on pleasing other before they take time to think about me.
Whoa...alot of things have changed for me since this picture was taken i mean alot just to many to list but they all was for the best of me!


khaki la'docker said...


loving how your hand is placed on the doorframe like so lol


sunshinestar110 said...

lmaooooooooo..I can't with you Khaki i can't!!

khaki la'docker said...

so what you saying is you didnt strategically place your hand gently on that doorframe and smile with your eyes???? :side mouth: LMAO

Freckles said...

you two are hilarious. one of the wonderful things about pictures is the ability to regflect.

btw, cute pic sis.


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