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Saturday, June 19, 2010

3 Things I Love.... #19

This shirt I have it!! My bday gift from Epitome!!! She is the bessssssss!!

Yes its true I love those 3 three things plus more but right now these are all I want to focus on...not in life just the blog I don't want yall to think I'm losing my mind...lol


My heart lies with tennis shoe!! Always had and always will!!! I"m a tomboy at heart so I love throwin on a fresh pair with a cute pair of jeans and doing my shopping like that! Hell I have sneakers under my bed right now That I probably have never not once put my foot in since the day I brought them at the store. I just had to have them...When i see a pair that catches my eye I usually buy them on the spot even if i know i shall never wear them i still have to have them!!

Now don't get me wrong I can switch up on you real quick and throw a pair of heels on and rock the hell out of them. I love to buy them too!! I buy them and have nothing to wear with them.....I buy a pair and only wear them once..Its just how my shoe fetish work!!! A tom boy by day and a lady at night!!!!


By no means am i an alchy but I do enjoy a good drink from time to time. What I drink usually changes from the mood I am in to the locations of my drinking.

If I'm sitting around in the house doing nothing, watching a movie, folding clothes whatever it may be I'm probably sippin' on some wine. Something light and to the point!! Its gets me right but not quite drunk!

But on the other hand if I'm out with my fam or friends clubbin' or dinner my taste of booze change asap. I usually get something involving vodka or Tequila!! Those two and I have a great relationship with each other they treat me right I treat them right and keep buying them. They always know how to me happy!

And Boys With Tattoos

*sigh* I love tattoos and A man with one or a couple is my weakness...which is funny cuz Lil Richmond has none at all. I love to a nice well defined arm laced with tattoos half sleeves, whole sleeve or just one single one who cares I love it!

Neck tattoos are my personally favorite every time I see one I want to lick it!!! Well maybe not this one but hey it was all I could find! I think some neck tatts change the whole look of a man makes them a little bit sexier.

Chest Tattoos on the right body they are crazy sexy!! The placement of this one of Chris is my favorite spot..once again every time i see a man with one i wanna hop on him and lick wit..only if its sexy!

and yeah these chest spots are quite sexy too!! but only if you have the chest to support it, you can't be running around her tattin' up your lil bird chest and thinking you doing it big because you ain't!

Back tattoos...not many can pull this one off at all!! Many have tired but few have succeed. I love them but i don't get to see them often! I once had an ex whose back was tatted up and it was something sexy because he was in the gym hard but his not so buff friend had one of needless to say it was a waste of time and ink to put that on his back! when i do catch a glance of back tatt i just wanna run my finger across it especially 50 cents! *sigh* weird?

In conclusion I just love shoes, booze and boys with tattoos


phallatio said...

Cute. I like the blog, even though I don't like shoes, booze or boys with tattoos.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Haha I need that t-shirt because I love those three things too! I'm a vodka girl myself...had a bad experience with tequila but we won't talk about that. ;)

LionsVictory said...

Neck tats *swoons*