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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Small Circle

Someone once said to me that "you can't make friends later on in life" now at first I didn't really agree to this statement but I found out a few times over this past year this proves to be true! well for me it would be you can't make loyal friends later in life.

I know I have said it once and I'll say it again I do not have many female friends...especially loyal or trustworthy female friends. I learned at a young age that some females can't be trusted or relaid on so I decided probably back in middle school that my friend circle would be small very small. I hate to say that I spend most of my time with my males friends they are the best friends a girl could ask for. I don't have to worry about alot of things that would have to worry about with females. Don't get me wrong males can be just as bad as females but lucky for me I have never experienced that! My inner circle of friends is short and sweet, they funny thing is that they are not girls who went to high school with or therefore they are all women I met later on in life..the irony right! My bff and I didn't become friends until I was about 19 or 20 but from the moment I met her I knew she was going to be my friend forever and that goes for my other friends too! I look for something different in each of them and at the end of the day I can bring them all together and we all could laugh, talk, and be ourselves without the eye side or judgement. A couple of times i tired to bring others into the bond that i share with them but i found out who I thought they were was not the case..a wolf in sheep's clothing ..nothing more and nothing less. they say one thing and do another. I'm one of those people who is loyal even if you are not loyal to me its was just the way I was raised but I will only take but so much of of shit before i cut you off. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, months, years for them to see that is what happened but it has to be done. I use to be envious of all the people i know who had a bunch of female friends who they did big things with....I wanted that at one point of time but my small circle of friends work for me just fine!!! its one less piece of drama, estrogen, bitchie, untruthful chick I have to worry about!!!


khaki la'docker said...

no, no , no... This cant be further from the truth. Some of my dearest and most admired friends have come from adult life while the high school friends kind of grow apart. While I adore the experiences that we shared as teenagers, sometimes life just pulls you in a different direction and that goes for males and females. With that being said, i still consider them friends... loyal friends. By that I mean- i dont talk to them everyday and may only see them once a year but if they called me, I'd be there and I'd make up for it if I couldnt and I know it would work both ways.(similar to how I couldnt make it to your dinner but sent you strawberries- you fucked them up, didnt you?)

Dont get me wrong, i have met grown women who I thought were cool and then ended up talking shit about me behind my back or sending subliminal shots on Facebook.... eh, fuck em.

Anyway, you're a good person and whether you have a small or large circle that will never change.

my bad for hijacking your post. now back to the afternoon delights, please.

sunshinestar110 said...

@khaki everybody has their own opinion about the friends later in life thing this is just mine.

and what strawberries? because i have no idea what you are talking about nor did I get them

Lipglass and Handbags said...

I can appreciate both your (Sunshine) and Kakhi's opinions on this subject. It is true a genuine, loyal, life long female friend is hard to fine however, although our interests, environments and status may change...once a real friend=always a real friend in my book. You can't fake being a real friend. & you're right males make GREAT FRIENDS!!!!!!! LOVE the post!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

I agree with you. It takes a long time to give that title. @khaki la'docker it's harder to decipher the adult friendships because usually they haven't had time to be tested or to sour.

In my experience everyone is down till they are tested, life challenges hit them or you. Some of your friends now who are always there for you..are probably more than likely they because there is nothing stopping them (ie kids, spouse, responsibilities). Don't get me wrong I've mad & have some wonderful friends who I truly consider friends. But it's the time & challenges that earn friend stripes to me & I've only had 2 friends that haven't been lifelong friends get them when I really needed them.

jazzyjaz said...

I certain agree with this one!!!! My friend circle too has few members once I learn a persons worth it leads the way for everything else. I'm too old right now for all the foolishness so I would rather be friendless than deal with the headaches