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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memories #16

I remember sneaking into my sisters room and listening to her Tupac cassette Strickly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z

It was 1993 and I was in elementary school , my mother had banned from listening to the CD saying it was to mature for me but I feel in love with it from my first listen. Every day when my sister left out the house I would go in the room we shared close the door pop in the tape and listening to the album from top to bottom. I memorized the world to the old tape but feel in love with Dear Mama and I get around! I use to mouth the word when i heard the video on the box or in the car I couldn't let my mother know I had been listening to Tupac behind her back. This was my first real taste of "gangsta" rap so t say. The moment I heard Tupac he drew me in and my heart laid right there in rap and as my sister would say the Gangsta boo was born. From the Point forward I had everyone of Tupac albums..I use to save my money for it and get one of my older males cousins to buy it for me since My mother felt his lyrics was way to mature for my young ears. As soon as my love affair with Tupac begin it soon came to tragically his life was taken far to soon and the world never got to see what Tupac could have become.

Even after his death my love affair continued on and he opened the door in my life to more rap music which was never really heard in my house once my sister went off to college. I played that strictly 4 my n.i.g.g.a.z tape until it would play anymore and then I copped it on CD and played that until every last song skipped...lol...I learned each and everyone was his Cd's from front to back and i surprise myself today in the car when the morning show played a Tupac mix and I remembered every word from every song that they played. To this day all of his music holds a place in my CD book and from to time to time I pause to have a Tupac moment. So Shout out to Tupac for being my very first rap crush and first rap CD that I owned he is one of the reasons I'm the rap head I am today.

Happy 39Th Birthday Tupac!


JStar said...

His words will never be forgotten!! I feel in love with his music the first time I listened as well...and still remain sooo

khaki la'docker said...

i was wondering why the hell they've been playing his music all day. Wow... 39?!?!? I would love to see how different things would be if he were still alive. Would folks still be jerking and hopping out the bed with their swag on? damn, that makes me wonder.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Dang man....when you remember the greats, it's hard to believe that they aren't here anymore to produce more greatness! My godmother had a Tupac party when he died...that ish was so sad & fun at the same time. We watched all this videos and listened to all his songs while eating food and crying. R.I.P Tupac....

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

What a nice tribute.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see all the Tupac posts today. For a minute I thought I was the only one who put one up.

May he RIP

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

1993 in elementary school? sorry that's where i stopped reading this. you don't know no tupac then lmao..