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Sunday, June 13, 2010

But I Love You Anyway.... #13

For years I have known that my little cousin is gay...well ever since he was a young boy i have known. He was just a little off or odd so to say. he never really did too much boy like things or spent to much time chasing girls. When he was in high school he once told his guidance counselor he thought he was gay and all hell broke out among the family..everyone acted like it was the end of the world so He went into hiding well that's what I called it. He went into man whore mode just to prove that he wasn't gay and everything would be fine. he went to prom a thousand times..sexed up girls left and right but I always knew all of that was just a phase to bring everyone off of the edge.

About a week ago he finally after years of knowing he finally came out to me. By no means was i shocked just shocked it took him so long to admit to me. He was more shocked i knew all this time and never asked him about it. I just don't think that's something you say to them 'hey..so u gay right" ahhhh no...I would feel some type of way if that was done to me. I listened to him explain to me why it took so long for him to tell he never really gave me an direct answer just the whole if others want to know maybe they should ask spell down. I think it was more of being afraid that we would judge him or disown him..because after the high school thing that would send into hiding too!

I love him no matter what! We are family no matter what and my love for him runs far deeper than who he likes in his spare time. Of course it will be an adjustment for me but that i can get over not having him in my life because he is gay is something I wouldn't be able to get over. So I love him anyway!

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tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

my homebody came out to me and it was the weirdest shit ever. only cause i didn't expect it. and had no clue why'd he come out to me. that's the kinda shit that happens then they try to kiss you shit. lol. but the kissing part didn't happen. he just said he wanted to tell me and he felt like i wouldn't bug out, which i really didn't. it didn't change who he was or our friendship. i did however stop walking around him in my drawz, but ah...lol

my cousin on the other hand. we suspect him to be gay. but he's not the typical gay dude. he's not clean cut, he's not concerned with his image..none of that. we've never seen him with a dude, but we've also never seen him with a chick. one of my other cousins (who is a big liar) swears he found a gay porn tape under his bed when he was moving out (they were staying together). but we don't know if we can trust that cause he hates that cousin anyway. and would say that shit just to get us to laugh. but if he came out i wouldn't be surprised. and it wouldn't change my relationship with him.

i think sexual orientation is just what it is orientation when it comes to sex. unless they trying to sleep with me, i have no problem with what they doing in their own bed.