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Monday, June 21, 2010

I'll Pass #21

Its not often that I like a male....matter of fact its rare for me to amuse a male for longer than a month... far and in betwee if they last that longn. So when I like a dude its like the second coming everyone is amazed by the situation...hell even I am! I usually get over them fast very fast and eventually I move on to the next one. So for me right now to still be entertianing Lil Richmond is a milestone in my dating life...lol...and I must really like this one because he has me going out of my character and doing things that I usually wouldn't do...*sigh* I was once the type of girl who always accepted new applications no matter what kind of situation I was in...boyfriend/girlfriend..boo loving hard shii i really didn't care I believe in keeping your options open...well I thought I did until yesterday....

I usually never turn down a cute face and a smile and this one was all of that. tall, tatted up because we all know I love boys with tattoos and soon as I saw that neck one he had me *dreamy eyes* I usually don't give light skin men too much of my time because I love them tall dark and handsome but some reason I couldn't bring myself to walk off from our convo. We chatted it up for awhile talking about basketball...father's day...his kids and how i knew Wack Flacka ( which is what we call my cousins baby father) and so on and so on. Let me add he had me out in the Hot ass sun wrapping me up but since he had pretty teeth I let him slide. All was going very well I even thought to myself how this is the first light one I entertained in a long while but when baby boy asked for my number for some reason the world"awww...I'm good" slipped out!! *confused face* I couldn't believe that I had said those words...what in the hell was wrong wit me?!?! I'm usually always down for some new scenery so for me to pass worried me a bit. I thought that maybe I was about to have a heat stroke so I was starting to lose my mind. Or maybe I catch some harsh virus that was impairing my htinking process because I had to question myself for passing this one up. But then it hit me.....maybe I do like this LIL Richmond Dude much more than I lead myself and others to believe. The whole time light skin cutie was talking I was thinking about Lil Richmond.... shocking right!! I'm known for loving them and dumping them...never for thinking twice about new players but for some reason This dude got me doing it. My days aren't complete without hearing from him and if I don't my mood changes...lawddddddddddd who knew that I would be like this...........Not I! I have never..well that I can remember . I guess this all is a good thing for me maybe it means that I'm growing up and getting serious about some thing....


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Well get it then Li'l Richmond for having your brain all mushy and ish AND bypassing fine specimens of men. Is he packing Kryptonite?! LOL. Good luck =)

Enigma Jones said...

I swear i could have written this entire post myself and it woudl all stll be true. I found myself turning down number while I was out parttying Staurday night and Obama and I started "the talk" today. Maybe it's teh effects of 2012 coming lol IDK...but I don"t knwo if I like this exclusive-acting ish yet .... *keep fingers crossed for us both!*

Rock said...

Just don't take Lil richmond out to Red Lobster and buy him the Cheesy Biscuits!!!!

Also, Don't buy him nice new close and let him sit in the house and play the video game... (Omar Gooding Voice.)

You sound like you're hooked. You are the scallop and he's the bacon. Its a wrap. LMAO.

JStar said...

Ok now....I hate when that happens :)

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

"I usually don't give light skin men too much of my time..."

this is where i stop giving you my time to read this post. lol..

H A T E R.

light is right. '11 is our year.


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