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Friday, June 18, 2010

Not Feeling It #18

Well, well, well..I thought I had a blog that was going to post for today but yeah I was sadly mistaken. I really don't feel like blogging I'm not having a good morning...i didn't have a good night either but since I made an commitment I shall stick to it.

I should be on cloud nine because My Lakers pulled out a win in Game 7 to become the back to back champions!!!! YYYaaaayyyy..I am excited about it but other things are on my mind that just won't allow me to be the way everyone thought i was going to be....but Shout Out to the Lakers for pulling it off once again.

I haven't felt this feeling that I feel in a very long time and to be frank I don't like it at all but it is what it is and maybe after this weekend I'll feel much better but right now I feel like shit...hell I look like it too! *sigh* I guess it was a good run while it lasted because now I think its over......

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