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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sometimes I want to grab the phone and call her to share something amazing with her but I don't. Other times I want to call so we can hang but I don't
I want to be a friend to her...a better friend to her
but I just think we are just in two different places
and it maybe best it stays that way.

Our friendship was built because no one else wanted to be friends with us, so we formed a bond. We had some great time, we also shared some bad one too. She was my shoulder to lean on when I thought no one else understood and Stood next to me holding my hand as we laid to rest Roshon. Living life without her being just a phone call away is odd...very odd. We have been through his once before awhile ago when we didn't speak for awhile but of course I was the bigger person and sealed up whatever the problem was and back to being friends we were. This go around I just the energy to do it again. She changed awhole lot once she got a boyfriend ...you know what she changed alot. She's the type of person who gets herself so wrapped up in a dude that's she loses focus on alot of things. She felt because she was all booed up that I should be too and I hate that shiiiiiiiiit. I guess she felt like i can't relate to her because I'm single and babyless but so be it. I once thought about mending whatever problem we had but I'm tired of being the big girl about shit all the time, I don't have the energy to baby her this go around. I feel we to ooooooooo old for all that lets rub your back and make it better shit. Plus she hasn't not once attempted to contact me not once......so i guess I'll just let this whole friendship burn.


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

aww i'm sorry. i've had a friendship like this. it's hard having someone you want to go to, but can't. and knowing they could probably make shit better, makes it feel even worse.

stephanie said...