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Monday, June 14, 2010

I need one!! #14

Summer is in full swing and I'm sad to say that I have no real plans at all for it :-( To be honest I never really have anything planned but I had high hopes for this summer until.....I had to buy a new car and it set me back! So i had to give up my Miami along with some other summer trips because baby girl needed new wheels!

I guess I had a little get away when I went to Virginia Beach fro memorial day but that wasn't really the kind of vacation I was looking forward to! I wanted crystal clear water, palm trees, and sitting under a umbrella sipping' a margarita kind of vacation. I enjoyed myself but I felt like it was just to damn close to home...I need a plane ride away to feel like i was in vacation mode. These are one of the few times I would like to have a little boo thing because this seems like the time that everyone and their boo things are getting there vacation on *sobs a little bit* or maybe even a little vacation with me and my friends just hitting the beach but we are all on different pages so I'm sure that isn't going to happen anytime soon. I am taking a time out and going to Richmond to see Epitome and Lil Richmond and of course I can't wait o see my boo...Epitome but it's still not the kind of vacation I'm looking for. It would be wonderful if somebody else would pay for a trip for me that would be the best thing ever but I guess I'll keep wishing and hoping for that one but in the mean time I'll get to planning for next summer maybe a cruise or two! *shrugs* who knows


JStar said...

I am sooo here with you girl!!! Yea, VA beach was all I got last year too...and ewwwww its not a great beach at all lol...This year :( nothing...my bills are taking priority until I move...So its gonna be another dud summer for me as well...Try to have the best time as possible in Richmond!

JStar said...

Also, I didnt realize you were so close to me :)

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

yea i'm in a desperate need of a vacation too. yes, i just got back from miami but..i'm talking a full blast me, some waves, sand, and servants changing my sheets and bringing me drinks and shit.

when you find that person paying for you vacation tell them to you have to take the vacation with your buddy @studiogenius...