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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I's Married Now...#9

Dear Reformed Hoes,
I understand that you got married in some cases, found the lawd and/or Allah had a baby or two but that does not change the fact that just a couple of years ago you was going at the streets hard and the dudes was loving it. Any mention of your name to this day its the screw face from men and women because we all recall the days when your name meant nothing but sucking and fucking so for you to think present day that any that has changed for you.

My mother always taught me that birds of a feather flock together and I ain't never been a hoe bird so why would I want to be apart of your flock now...Because you got married? yeah so your husband is a damn fool or maybe because you now surround yourself with new found friendship but they happen to be reformed too so yeah I'm good on all that. Kudos to you for changing your life but mine ain't never been that kind of bad so no change for me. I see all the rt and the follow request u hit me with but yeah I have a no hoe policy and that includes you. True you do roll with of my own but I even draw my line with her too! You couldn't be trusted then and you still can't be trusted to this day one thing a zebra can never change and that is their stripes so yours is posted to that ass for life. Not your husband, his friends, your friends or any other person shall change my mind about you or your actions. You might be trying to do right by the world but when i see you all I see is what you shall always be a hoe.

So..NO i don't want to be your friend...NO i don't want to participate in anything you are putting together...We speak in public we don't even speak in private so would you think we are any sort of friends. I'm cool with your husband not you...we only have one real friend in common who doesn't share your hoe way and that still doesn't make us friends or friendly or we joining your group....so [lease give me a break.

Thank you in advance



JStar said...

I feel exactly where you are coming from here...But people can change...You just dont have to be apart of it...

jazzyjaz said...


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

lol hoes don't get reformed. they are like crack heads, once a hoe always a hoe.

don't get fooled by a hoe. like my mom always told me, the devil can recite the bible just as good as a saint. them being in the church means 3 things.

1. church wine will be missing
2. the preacher will have them on the front pew due to their short skirts
3. it must be save a sinner day at the church (which is actually ,everyday)