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Friday, June 4, 2010

Bird Flew The Coop #4

I said a long time ago that I wasn't going to blog about the men in my life no more but since I got a month of blogs to complete this a fine time to break the rule and write about one or two of them * OJ Simpson shrug*

BIRD!!! I haven't blogged about him in a longgggggggggggggg time for more than one reason. 2010 hasn't been an easy ride for us...well mostly me because he hasn't changed at all but I have. On Feb. 13 Bird dropped a bomb on me that he was having a BABY!!!!! Yes you heard me right a BABY!! Thats was a hard pill for to swallow and I still haven't swallowed it yet! Our already complicated relationship just got even more complicated. My little heart sunk into my stomach and he crushed my feelings. Bird didn't see anything wrong with what was going on but I could see what the problem was or why I was so hurt by what was going on. For the past 8 years f my life I freed my life up for him, made myself available for him and only him, trusted him with alot of things and kind of betrayed me but you know you live and you learn. I don't regret anything that went on between us and still kind of goes on it only made me stronger.

I'm not going to lie Bird is still around lurking here and there. I keep him around to entertain myself until I find someone to occupy my free time and the fact that he is dickin' me down proper I wouldn't be hoping my ass over there so much but Hey, sometimes u gotta do what you gotta do!! So I'm doing it...until I can't do it anymore...lol...On some real shiiiiiii I'm not going to do this much longer I plan to end things with Bird in 2011. Its going to take alot out of me but it needs to come to an end! Our time has run out.


khaki la'docker said...

:smh: po lil bird...

Freckles said...

high five sis. There is something about hte proper pipe. smh.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

plan to end it in 2011? just need 6 more months of dick? lol.

i'm sorry about the "baby" news. that's real fucked up. i felt that way when my ex wife who had been divorced from me for 3 months, tells me "she's engaged" to the dude she cheated on me with & only after i had found out from someone else. you do live, you do learn, & you do find better.

jazzyjaz said...

I'm so sorry he did that to you but maybe it was for the better of you. This was your kick in the butt to leave him alone and let him be. I'm sure he'll always hold a piece of your heart but maybe he's just not the best thing for you.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Ugh....the dreaded baby announcement! That always hurts like a kick to the shin. SMFH! I'm mad at kickin' him to the curb in 2011! (not really girl get that peen for as long as you can! LOL) But at the same time missy, protect the heart. We don't need any episodes of Snapped mmkay?