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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Line Leader #10

I have never been the type of female to sit back and let another person lead. I'm usually the one who come full force out the gate jumps to the first of line and lead the way. Hell almost every one of boyfriends or man I entertain I have lead the way for them...I shined the light of the path and they stood behind me and did what I deemed best for us and that was how liked things. I just like to know what to expect even when the unexpected is coming...no surprises for me. in elementary school I was the line leader I just continued with that through out my life...Sorry?

But I decided to go into this thing with him....and for sake us confusion lets call him Lil Richmond...much different than I had in the past with all the other males in my life. So against my inner voice telling me don't do it I took off my follow the leader hat and let him try it on for a change.....*cover eyes* Its an scary feeling to relinquish all that control onto someone else...Not being control kind of makes me nerves because I have no idea where he is going lead me. Since the moment I met him I made a promise to myself and other that I wouldn't control this situation like i do all the other and that I have stuck too. Whatever move Lil Richmond makes I usually feed off of that and that's how things have been operating so far. Its hard not to fall back into my old ways and grab the steering wheel and steer for the both of us but it is kind of a refreshing experience I may add. I guess in life you are suppose to let the man lead but I'm a control freak....I'm trying to change my ways but sometimes i feel like i know whats best for me and better yet the both of us *shrugs* hey blame it on the fact that I'm a Taurus and That is what we do!

My big panties are officially on and I'm going to keep this thing going but if this shit doesn't work out I'm going right back t be the conductor of this train!!!!!


jazzyjaz said...

You have the same problem my bff has she just has to be girl on top!!! I tell her all the time its ok to be submissive a time or two shit u might like for someone else to lead the way.

phallatio said...

Ha ha, Taurus! Good luck with that! Taurean woman know what they want and will dig in until they get it and, like you said, if things don't work, you'll go back to being in charge.

You sound like quite a strong and decisive girl, so I doubt this guy has got too much room to mess up!

I love a woman that makes decisions and takes the lead. It's so exciting following orders!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

there is nothing wrong with being a leader, but you should always know how to follow someone you trust. yanno my angle is always women trusting men. but most importantly the one person we must always trust & follow is God. by doing so it lets us realize that being in control is just a figure of speech. it's not actually what puts us in control. it's what keeps us in line.

you want to be the line leader. and if your are heading straight for the goal..then there is NOTHING wrong with that.