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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Real World #5

You Think You Know But You Have No Idea


lmaooo..I often wish that I was on my own reality show so the world could witness the nonsense that goes on in my day to day life..unscripted. No fancy house, planned out days just me and the world around me.

Like where was the cameras when I spent memorial day in Virginia beach so the world could catch one of my gay males friends get the numbers of a table full of straight men. He pulled a smooth move on them dudes and they didn't even know what hit them...shiiiiii it was so smooth that I didn't even see how he did it. Or when we was smoking the hookah and my males friends who have never smoked before started to trip out off of the flavored tobacco!! They are usually very manly when we are out and among straight men but the hookah broke them down and all their homosexuality came out. It was alot of hair flippin' and leg kicking. Maybe the world would have been amazed at how Epitome can imitate most people voices and at the oddest moment she breaks out her best Nicki Minaj with head moments and eye blinking!! I love it.

It would also be great to go back and see what peoples reactions really was when shit hits the fan or they meet someone for the first time because I know that I make some funny faces and I would love to see them. If I had my own show maybe I could see what heffa stole my credit card number and charged up the world on my dime! I just want to fight that person all in there face because they left me cute and broke....Fucking bastards.

It was just a thought............................................


Freckles said...

and you did that lady. Lol. I often feel like my life could be a great reality show. dude, some of my foolery and mayhem wouldnt be believable.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i feel the same way. i need a reality show, because half the shit that happens to me is unbelievable. i wish i had one during my whole divorce. like when i found out she was cheating. my plan of action to call her out. the fight at cheesecake factory in the parking lot over some chicken fingers. wow..i need to pitch a show idea.