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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Might Be!!!! #12

You must smell like an ATM cuz dudes with money love ya ass-Epitome

Yep that heffa said that to me not to long ago when I had to defend myself against all these flaw acsustions that I'm a gold digger...Who me?!?..NEVER. I often make jokes about wanting to be an trophy wife but in reality I have never...well let me not say never entertained a man because the number of zeros in his back account.

Now back in my wild and crazy days I would have to say at one point you could have classified me as a gold digger to a certain degree...being that i only entertained street pharmacist who was making bread but that ended and I grew up. I've heard from people who I thought who knew me to people who don't know me at all that I'm a gold digger but I would call myself more of gold finder. I only happen to run into to men who make a little bit more than the average man..I don't hang where the ballers be, my ex boyfriends aren't all athletes or celebreties nor do I ask a man what there 401k is looking like. I will say because of my relationship with certain people i do get to be surrounded sometimes by men who have healthy careers and bank accounts but its not often that i entertain them at all. Now a gold finder is what i see myself as men who have a little bit of bread seem to like me....*shrugs* I have no real idea why because honestly I'm not a very nice girl at all. I know I shouldn't say that and some would disagree with that statement but I'm not too freindly with strangers but i guess that is what catches their eye. I never get over excited about certain situations or people I would rather not and I feel like the less groupie u are the better chance you have on being noticed...some people should right that down and take a note because that may take you far in life if you trying to gold tend in your spare time. For anyone of those $$$ men I have entertain or remain in my life as we speak is there not because they can get me into the best spots, front the bill for me and my crew or pick up the tab at the mall..they are around because I like something in them. When I see them I don't see what other may see the money making machine I see who there mama or sister may see the real them with no gimmicks. I do enjoy the perks that come with them but itsnot why we are freinds at all. Some people around believe that is why i have them around but truth be told if they had nothing I would probably still be happy to call them my friend.

I can see where some people would look at me and say gold digger because I do caryy some traits of that but in my defence some of that is because I'm just nosey and just want to know. example of one of my bad habits>>>A male once told me what he did for a living me being nosey I google to see what his salary range was....I know I know quite gold digger like , sometimes i like to see what I'm working with in life....yeah so that sounded bad but i just like to know if I lost it all tomorrow and we were together would you be able to pull the weight alone until I found my way back...... is that so wrong?

You know what after saying that out loud...shiiii..I might be!!! lol..and if i am I wear it with pride!

SIDENOTE: Let me say first say that this 30 day blog challenge has been much harder than I thought it would be.....I'm defintly runnin gout of things to write about...but i refuse to give up and let I am tha unpretentious narcissist remain standing tall...lol....


Freckles said...

I should have gotten inon the 30 day blog thing. Gee.

I am not mad at you sister. Not at all. I am working on a little something somewhat similiar. I am particulrly fond of the gold finder. Great post sis.

phallatio said...

Is there any woman more hated than The Gold Digger?

Nobody likes her.

Her husband hates her because he knows she only married him for his money.
Other women hate her either because they are jealous or they feel sorry for her.
Other men hate her because she's shallow.
Even if her friends hate her because they are material too and they feel she should give them more!

And yet women still wanna be gold diggers? Amazing!

jazzyjaz said...

I personally think we all carry some traits of being a good digger its just what you do with them that seals the deal. I have been called a gold digger a time or two for the type of men I keep in my presence...you know everybody has an opinion about everything.

Freckles said...

High Five Khaki

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i think women who act like money ain't in issue are the one's that dudes with money are attracted to. that being said, if you're around enough guys with money then little flashie shit doesn't get you into groupie mode. hence them thinking you're not interested in their money. i was ready to defend you until the google thing.

lmao...you google their profession salary?


and hang in there the blogging thing is a hard thing to commit to. i'm not running out of things, just running out of time in the day to do them. but we're gonna make it, almost halfway there.