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Sunday, June 27, 2010

By My 30th B-day

I made a promise to myself today that by my 30Th birthday I will know how to swim. I know its a shame that I have gone all these year without attempting to ever learn how to swim. Now I don't think I have a real fear of the water matter of fact I'm cool with it i just never wanted to learn to swim. When all the kids were racing back and forth racing across the pool I was quietly sitting on the pool steps watching and thinking "Lawd I hope they don't drown" *shrugs* I knew I couldn't save them so I stayed from away from them and all that. Out of all y siblings I'm the only one who can't swim, each of them got swimming lessons as a child except for me. Rude...right?!? my mother is still trying to convince me to this day That I was a cry baby and cried the whole 2 hours when she took me to the first swimming lesson...I don't believe her but if that if she has to do sleep through the night then so be it. I got a list of things i want to try before I die and some of them would require that I know how to swim..Scuba diving...jet skiing..white water rafting...yeah all of those need me to swim in order to save my life or jump to experience the full affect of the adventure. A couple of yes ago my ex tried to teach me how to swim but I was too worried about getting my hair wet that it didn't pan out so well..he got angry I got bored and quit....lol...Funny thing is I stay making plans to go to the pool or beach all summer long...I like to get in the water I just don't like to swim and I just like to lay on the beach or pool side and be cute!!! Sorry? I always have some fly ass bathing suit i want to show off lol...I know very vain of me *shrugs* So here I am 27 years old and I don't know how to swim and since I'm making changes in 2010 I guess I'll add this to my bucket list and get em done by my 30Th hell maybe I'll learn by next summer so when I take that summer trip ya girl will have that covered....or maybe not lol


tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

i do not know how to swim, nor do i ever plan on learning.

*ignorant stroll out post*...

jazzyjaz said...

My brother is a swimming coach maybe you can get some lessons from...and he's cute ...Smile....