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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sir, You're MARRIED!! #28

This past weekend I packed a bag and headed off to Richmond Virginia which is probably two hours away from home to see my boo Epitome and get away from home just for a little bit. Of course we had fun doing nothing and you know we drunk a little bit. One thing yall don't know about good ole Epitome is that heffa is a hood dude magnet!!! she probably going to pop me in a mouf for that one but she is. No matter where we go or what we do hood dudes are all over her. smiling in her face trying to buy her drinks all night which we don't mind. So while hanging out in my hotels bar....don't judge us of course she catches the attention of this former hood dude who couldn't keep his eyes off of her. So we ain't had nothing better to do so we sat at the bar with him and his friend who I shall call Juelez. We sat there for awhile making small talk listening to these hood joint try to justify some shit that I can't even remember now and so forth. I had an habit sometimes of paying attention to people that I'm not really interested in...i just like to be a where of who I'm dealing with at the moment in case something happens. Tattoos, birthmarks, hair color i take that all in and because of that men sometimes mistake that into wanting them lmaooooooooo...sorry? Don't get me wrong he was kind of cute but just not my thing...his mouth was too damn smart and sitting on his hand was a wedding band. I learned a long time ago that some men aren't to bright and think that WE women don't notice things like that but oh we do!! we just don't let you know that we do *shrugs* I let Juelez sit back and entertain me talking all that shit to get me and so forth...I even allow him to sit next to me when Epitome got up to leave.....the whole time paying close attention to the ring finger and what was sitting on it. Now I'm sure he thought that everything was everything and he had me bagged until like a good friend should Epitome pointed out what and I quote "So How long you been married? Is that a wedding band?" SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *air humps* YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I had been waiting for to open the door for that so I could skate right on in with it. Juelez tried to play it cool and say something like it ain't no secret i wasn't hiding it...but i knew that she has just pissed him off!!!! and I loved it!!!! Juelez went right back into his single mode on me once again dropping lines after lines and all i could do was laugh and shake my head at this fool. All i could think was I wonder if his wife knows how triflen her husband really is. Its men like him who makes me wanna start my own to catch a cheater show just to expose him and others because if his wife was doing the same to him he wouldn't be so friendly with my ass or maybe he would maybe he just didn't give a hell but I do. I had to explain to Juelez repeatedly that I, Sunshinestar does not play with other people toys..I'm good with sharing but baby boy was so persistent he kept at it hard, especially when he found out that my time in Richmond was not only Spent with Epitome but Lil Richmond too!! Of course he filled me up with all the hood dream he could come up with..telling me he ain't never met a female outside of his wife that has caught his eye....suuuuuurrrrreeeee you right hunny sure you right. Baby was pressing me like button down on a friday night *nicki minaj voice* Every time I got an opportunity i asked about his wife he would side step it a lil bit but he would answer. I thought it was quite funny how he felt some type of way about me seeing Lil Richmond in the morning..SIR, YOU'RE MARRIED?!? why does it matter who I'm seeing and why I'm seeing that person...First you don't know me dude...i just met you and once again you are married!! that means you already have a owner and its not me nor do I ever want to be since apparently you can't control yourself. And I'm good on all that boo! I guess nowadays being married doesn't really mean much to certain people. Because He not the only male i have ever encounter who was married and still going hard in the paint*waka voice* It just makes me feel sorry for the women who are married to these ain't shit dudes who think they are all about them!! yeah clearly Juelez wasn't ready to be married because he sure enough was trying to make me his Lil side piece.

I just got one question....SO how long you been cheatin' on your wife sir?


khaki la'docker said...

oh no! the little engine that could... justa kept on going and going and going...
shouldve known when to say when. smh

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Somebody needs to punch his ass real good in the throat! I can't stand that ish! You're better than me Sunshine girl because as soon as I check that ring, my whole demeanor changes completely! Fcuk out my face man! *wooosaaah*

JStar said...

I sooo feel you here...I have worked on military bases for the last 12 years...I literally get approached or flirted with daily by married men...Makes me sick to my stomach...I have more self respect than to be a side thing...I aint nobody's whore...I respect the sanctity of marriage more than that...

jazzyjaz said...

Boo probably has been cheating on his wife for awhile now. I hate dudes like that they make me sick to my stomach.I'm sure she thinks he is the best thing ever but in reality he ain't shit.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Nope She know EXACTLY who she married. She walkin around thinking she won a prize cause she got him to marry her. She be throwin his shyt outside an tearin up shyt everytime she catch him with a chick. Then all is well and they reset to start that shyt again the next time he get caught.
Bwhahahaha straight drama! But it's real.


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