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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Go Away Boy! #23

Shout out to everybody who all of a sudden wants that old thing back..lol..going hard in the paint but you've BEEN Benched - Epitome. a.k.a @beigebunnie via twitter.

The spidey sense of all the men in my life...well formerly in my life must have been twitching because they have been on full grind for the past couple of weeks. I guess males can smell when a ex girlfriend or female they use to mess with is seeing someone else because Phillay and Bird have been rare form lately. Now Phillay and I haven't talked in a long time but soon as things with Lil Richmond picked up it was like A signal was sent to him and *boom* he was back...calling my phone...leaving voice mails..and sending my all types of texts all type of times....*blank stare* Boy please!!! he even made plans to come down to DC to visit me....*blank stare** nah sir I'm good on that one.....so very good on that. Yesterday he hit me 7 times...yeah I counted and I sat and looked at his names flashing on the phone all seven time.. Boo just like the quote said it was a reason you were benched I don't resign contracts my team is full.

Now i can't forget about that damn Bird...now him and I still see each other from time to time but its only to do one thing and that's it nothing more and nothing less. But apparently the Batman sign went up for his ass...Now Bird is back like he ain't just have a baby on me a couple of months ago. Almost every weekend has been spent with him....I haven't had time to do shit outside of him(pun intended lol) I almost felt kind of bad a Saturday ago when Lil Richmond called and Bird was laying in my bed but that's neither here or there. He also has been on his phone call and text hustler hard, we never communicate that much.

I love when this happens when all of sudden I become hott in these streets because everyone is getting a hint that some other man maybe taking up my time and my mental space. It makes me feel special and wanted...that is until it becomes a bother like Phillay is doing right now.....Boo stop with all that jazz its a reason I cut you off and you should be trying to figure that out instead of thinking we picking up from were we left off...because that game has been long over. And Bird...*sighs8 he does this often just to see if my head is still with him *pause* that didn't sound right but y'all know what I meant. He's on borrowed time so I entertain his bull because it benefits me...he give me what i want often and I enjoy that.

Or maybe its the season for all that...Some do like to secure A lil Summer time boo thang just in case you need one to accompany you to a location but I Sunshinestar has never been a reserve kind of girl and why start now for these two...Sorry Guys my roster is full and we ain't accepting anymore draft picks!!!!!


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

LOL @ the Batman signs! I hate how guys like to come back sniffin' around like dogs when you are boo'ed up. Dude, you had your chance and apparently I wasn't what you wanted. No I don't want to reconsider. No I don't need to reevaluate the situation. Let me be!

Ms. Behaving said...

It's crazy how people don't ever appreciate what they have until they don't have it anymore.


jazzyjaz said...

U know ppl don't know what they got until its gone! but i will confess and say that I too sometimes pull that same stuff with my exes

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

oh most def. men know when their ex has a new man. just like yall know when we have a new girl. everyone has that "my ex is having sex" warning light.

you start remembering the good shit when it's realized that the person is no longer available.